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From the US enthuse, retail sales industrial production and the premium looked at the university of Michigan confidence reading we used to have Bank England's pony. Speaking, just before tea pm London time, that's for me to hear live breaking news, type s on your Bloomberg terminal narrow. Thank you, Michael. That's your Bloomberg business flash. Now he is the on guarantee with more on what's going on around the world. Good morning, Nara. The full may Ben changing KMP co Mona is joining the dams it's needed Vince cable is cooled him. A familial serious political figure he would have a he would be positive addition. And when a previously described the Ponti as untrustworthy and said they policies. In coalition with the Tories were silly unforgivable Sudan's, former President Obama Alba she has been challenged with corruption, according to the public's prosecutor's office the challenges related to lose on suspected illicit wealth than emergency orders. The ministry to the longtime president in April following months of protests against him and finally the cartoon series. My little pony has introduced a same sex couple, that's for the first time the episode, which coincides with pride month shows on holiday, and t- lofty, you look after scuttling the Pegasus pony last month the animated series alpha introduced its first gay wedding. Global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron tick tock on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and on this symbol of the one hundred twenty countries. I'm John Gibbons? This is playing bug. Neyra began love that loss story. I was such a fan of my little pony growing up. I had so many of them. I call remember what gender they were or anything, they all seem to look female to me. I was just thinking that. To them. Because I know that you and I would talk about how much we love them. And I just remember the smell of my little pay ni you won't sorry. They used to smell used to get some that used to smoke drew Brees in criminal lovely what a nice thought for a Friday. Thank you. I'm garren, oh my little pony on my little pony correspondent with the world news. That's come back to the breaking data out of China that we've had at the top of this hour. Now again a week picture for industrial output fell further to five percent in may. The lowest level since February two thousand and two that adds pressure on Beijing to.

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