Albuquerque, Yorkshire, Bob Heart discussed on CBS Weekend


And the ad council morning show host bob heart talks about albuquerque rapid transit and all the problem you're the constructor issues there are also problems with inconsistent heights on some of the platform at the stations which is creating problems for yorkshire accessed the triskel platform meanwhile is at an angle driven by few different times in it is uh as it comes into the intersection there to try scope and central and that's creating problems for people realtors jello administration is concerned about two station specifically because of the distance between the intersection and the actual platforms washington in central platform for example the platform is so close to the intersection that a bus coming from the east side heading west can't make the approach without picking up the entire intersection which means it would be blocking traffic off their to stop he said the city is considering reconfiguring beacon higher interceptor loud to deal with that don't miss out on what he says next bob clarke weekday mornings five to ten right here on news radio kkob the tunnel wine and more the hits 1990s much more than a wind there is start a big push at the to eighth wonder focus of the world and treat pain both when acute people talk and about chronic total wind and and more as a result they get a little carried opioids away were we're presented just a big as firmly the place safe run by approach people with to a passion treat both for wine of these and problems beer as see a result we travel there was the an world explosion to find the best in the wines number of from prescriptions the bus regions with and not we sell much them thought the lowest for the long prices term a fact anywhere now and the pendulum friendly is swinging helpful experts back at every simply turn reducing you know the what number of maybe pills we and the are dose the eighth wonder to the the bear world basics shop could in be store a very lifesaving or online intervention at total wind for some dot com individuals total dr wanted hooten more says has focusing everything you on need non for your date opioid day festivities alternatives including and eight other thousand strategy winds to and 2500 reduce postoperative years as well pain as sodas could mixers go a long cups way toward ice addressing cakes this plates ongoing napkins.

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