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It went to Pembina. So that's about one end of the state to the other questions or comments are working. Welcome for our guests. Chris Berg from point of view here. Congressman Kelly Armstrong and. Chris. I no doubt. You didn't get all the questions you wanted to get in for congressman Armstrong last night. So now you have another shot at the at that apple another bite at that. Apple go ahead. You're next. I have two things and completely different. But one congressman said you're going to be doing it energy roundtable. I saw interesting article yesterday about Bill, titled no pack, basically wanna get rid of this OPEC cartel and a town like passed out of your committee judiciary committee should just wanted. Your take them a good idea for us to look at breaking up OPEC would that mean for the oil markets? Yeah. It's not. That's what it is that it gives the the attorney general's office to ensure that they are that they are not committing fair practices. We actually took private portion out of it. It's a good way to make sure we're dealing with it. Now, I voted for it. I think it's a good process. My concern with it with the Bill is I mean, you don't pass a Bill are not passable because you're worried about bad behavior, you pass it or don't pass it because either good or bad policy, and I think this is good policy. But I do think we have to watch and make sure it gives OPEC countries doesn't give OPEC countries. Excuse not to communicate with markets. This is doing sure that they're not. I mean that we have some more saying that we are looking at them if they're doing unfair business practices that do affect the oil market, not just in North Dakota. But all across the world. God. It's not so much breaking them up as it is ensuring that we have we have some enforcement mechanism against them. And give our give the attorney general's office and department of Justice debility to do that. Does creating more of a free market system for oil, right? Marvin enforcement ensuring that they're not willfully manipulating. Got mind is I misunderstood converse on last night. I think this is such a important thing. Because you know, Scott you, and I've talked about this. And I said, you know, everyone's talking about bringing Muller in front of a committee like that's going to be a big deal. And I said well the first question to ask Mr. Mueller. So when did, you know there is no you in and I think that happened well before the two thousand eighteen midterms last night, congressman you mentioned that they no longer we're taking anymore warrants as of September of two thousand seventeen..

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