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Dot com. Up in laws with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter as WIBC traffic. This nine oh five the forecast from the American standard cooling weather center. Lots of sunshine to this morning. Clouds do increase later this afternoon. We'll see highs knee apper. Seventies close to eighty tonight, showers and thunderstorms this evening. Mostly cloudy with lows near sixty six I'm wish TV storm tracking meteorologist Tara Hastings, Ninety-three, WIBC, cloudy and sixty four that sun is out. It's a good thing to see. I'm Kirk darling on the level on the go, and on Twitter at ninety three WIBC dot com. Nine oh six time for the chicks this hour on ninety three WIBC is powered by the homeowner expert dot com. Man, it's about time. We have some estrogen out there, right? Writing conservative estrogen in conservatism home makeover. Excel no, right? On ninety three. Just on the right show. I am daisy. I'm with prob mock is probably somewhere in Vegas drunk. More than likely dolls the first day of summer. I just remember that it's the first day summer, rob. We were we were debating whether mock would be drunk at six AM, Vegas. I kind of feel like if I were a betting woman, I'd say, yes, I'd say yes to that it's at six in the morning there. But she's not on Vegas time yet. So she's probably sitting in a pool right now getting her spot and already to drink thin. That is.

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