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Cancer. And the the more informed you I think by twenty one the better you can make a more informed decision theory. Cigarettes are said to kill twenty eight thousand people a year in the state and cost the healthcare system ten billion dollars. But will this work? He was twenty one. So is that really going to fix the problem? We'll there are couple of surveys out there that say raising the age doesn't really help. But the governor says he is pushing the measure, and it will be in his budget measure for twenty thousand nine in Brooklyn. Mike, sugarman WCBS. Newsradio eighty Westchester county is making some changes when it comes to marijuana WCBS. Reporter Mark Rosenberg fills within the Westchester district. Attorney Anthony Scarpinato is taking a cue from that Hatton in Brooklyn starting Monday. If you have two ounces or less of marijuana in Westchester, you'll face a violation. But no prosecution it's a change the DA thinks needs to happen to help minimize the stigma that comes with a criminal record county executive George Latimer. Life can be changed and in many ways permanently to get in the process of how the criminal record. And we want to make sure that people who make it a steak have an opportunity for that mistake. Not to haunt them for the rest of their lives. Not to mention public resources that in some cases Latimer's says could be. Used to prosecute more serious crimes. We have violent criminals, we have people all sorts of domestic violence issues robberies and so forth. And when those happen, that's where the attention needs to be focusing. Our criminal Justice system charge of unlawful possession of marijuana is currently a misdemeanor in Westchester, those arrested face up to three months in jail change, reduces that charge to a violation as long as the person isn't charged with anything else. Mac Rosenberg WCBS. Newsradio eighty it is eleven thirty six. This is WCBS on the air at eight eighty and on demand only on the radio dot com app. Download it now take with you wherever you go. According to a recent nationwide study Chevrolet is.

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