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The bat in the fourth inning and see wild came in and the braves just hit the ball they have good young players that hit the ball and the mets do not have good young players that hit the ball and that's the difference right now in terms of the emotion around the club and the feeling around the club and mickey callaway for the first time now will be tested mickey callaway is going to have to bridge the gap between sandy alderson's inactive nature and the team he asked to coach they'll always have twentyfive guys to coach and they always could be a better twentyfive guys but he's gonna learn if he hasn't already that the mets move slowly they move in a glacier pace and the one thing that you saw tonight and you were reminded of tonight in watching severino and degrom is that you need depth you can't pretend you don't if the yankees lost severino it would be a huge loss they don't have another severino they don't have a stopper like that they have better depth and severino by the way is the best pitcher in new york now i mean forget about becoming it or on his way to it as sweeney said he's now arrived as the best pitcher in new york if you had to win one game and you were able to take new york pitcher severino it'd be the guy you take not the ground not syndergaard it would be severino that's how consistent he's been that's how a live has pitches are that's how all over the strike zone is and that's how consistent he's been and he's still going to have to prove it in the playoffs and he's still a young player but severino the goods but you're an injury away all the time and see the.

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