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The sure a major not the lieutenant other started caused the men says the colonel want you to do x y z and he says no how great is that i i agree in this happen you you know this happened with our whitey bolger the of the billy johnson many many years ago and i thought i thought i could never happen in in this current environment but here it's happened again it's happened again so it's it's such an abuse of power for them the command staff of the state police they want the got started they were all involved in making a decision to lean on the trooper and to and to punish him i wanna committed chrome unsurprised go ahead don't make me do it they are letting did you keep us informed about what's going on because we are very interested in this case for obvious reasons this is a reside big case really appreciate your coming on and that tell us tell the truth buraza savvy or the we're with one hundred percent on this i will do that thank you have a say hello valve i kids who went to wealthy high with yours hockey thank you lady thank you thank you nathan he's the lawyer and it's this is a hell of a story will be will be following this closely i'm how we car seat convicts gets prison they go to biological males are females who bagged identify with the other sex we get to do just that in a little noticed 'provision of of bill passed recently by the massachusetts senate new boston post has the details including a provision concerning prison correctional officers that's heart the believe read this story three at new boston post bought com and while you're there subscribed that's free through new boston post thought an awful a car if you want.

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