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Just to. You're going to hear a lot more about him. Because i've been looking and we're looking for other partners like this and other sectors but this is a game changer when you look at the future of our economy and technology and you not having to go to a four year school and not just getting qualify for bethel tech but they place you they coach you and place you and mentor you in the process and we're working together so you can use my strategies. My resume guide interview. Guide all the things plus what they're doing and some of you can change the game in less than a year so very excited about that bethel tech dot net slash. Ken coleman call him. Tell him i sent you. Were going to be doing a lot more information to help you. So you hear a lot about that when i get somebody calling. Can i want to go in and technology. And i try to get their first thing i do is call them. Talk to get a good picture of what they can do for you. Eight four four seven four seven two five seven. Seven is the number of stay here in our neck of the woods. Nashville taylor is on the line. Taylor on the ken coleman show. How you doing ken taylor. I'm living the dream. What's going on Not much so Wife is a huge fan. Your show actually got me hooked And all we did smart lady. They're very yeah you've out married yourself. Trust me i. I did indeed so awesome. We did the sweet by exercise. And last night and She told me to call today. Hear him will. You are off to a great start in your marriage is yes ma'am whatever you say dear. This is a wonderful wonderful Method of a very happy relationship. Yeah so what did you find him. What's the question well. So my question is I'm finishing up my doctorate of chiropractic and april. Twenty twenty one so we're coming spring great and we have accumulated Thus far about eighty eight thousand in debt. We currently are and steph Baby step number two behind but we obviously have a ways to go so unfortunately last fall My desire kind of change for the profession and just the thought of being stuck in this profession very unsettling to me so afternoon sweet spot exercise my question is you know i wanted to know your opinion or your advice to help me find that sweet spot career interesting. So what did you you did. The you did career clarity god online. Yeah yeah so. Would you come up with top top talent Top talent in labor slash physically demanding jobs Interpersonal skills building trust and Any type of problem solving our logistics Yeah tell me more when you say probably guy get logistics but when you say problem solving tell me what kind of problems. Let me give you the answer. The answer key for you to choose from are they. Are you at solving people problems. Or is it good at solving idea problems. Are you good probation. Well you didn't let me finish key. You jumped ahead of me all right. People things ideas processes. What are you good. What kind of problems are you good at solving people. Okay so the people okay. So that explains the interpersonal skills but it's interesting that logistics and the manual labor when you say good at manual labor. What does it mean specific. Yeah so I've done scary Not necessarily careers but auden jobs so Anything physically demanding Whether that be construction carpentry I did a lot of personal training. I have a pretty wide variety of like physically demanding and job. And and i really enjoy it is. Let's move quickly here. What did you. I'm going to skip ahead of passion. 'cause i already know the kind of work you love doing. You already gave me all the clues. It's tied to that list. My right yeah. The list of talent reveals. Times the work you love. So what are the results that matter most to you when you wrote down the people. I most want to help the problem that they have that. I want to solve the solution to that problem. Would your ideal We wrote down helping declared innocent people specifically children and offering a solution that essentially safe their life. Okay be more specific. What's what what. What's the problem. Those kids have They're like specifically like any type of trafficking situation or just they are completely Out against their will or okay. Got an unfortunate odd. Got it okay. So i got it. Wow so name it. What would you do tomorrow. If i snap my fingers and i gave it to you. And you're helping those kids that are dealing with trafficking or abuse. What what are you doing all day. Tell me yeah. Hundred fan Some type of task force specializing in chapter situation. Yes you're on. The ground of using those people skills interpersonal skills problem solving with people. I mean you're super active In making that happen. Because i correct yes the question becomes. Is that in your sweet spot is it. Yes or no. You know the answers. Yeah it is it absolutely. Is i look at the list and i go. There's logistics involved in that. I mean i've got some good friends. That work for the international justice mission of you heard of i j m no i have not. Yeah you need to look them up. Gary haugen Believe he's still there Known gary for a while. But i've got friends that worked have worked there and work there and other organizations around the world that are coming in and rescuing girls that are dealing with that are in our enslaved in sex trafficking around the world and the logistics and the legal stuff all of the stuff involved but they they organized raids with the local police. And it's fascinating stuff. So i think that definitely is in your sweet spot. There's no question that this is a passionate and mission are on fire for this. So yeah i think it's okay for you to go. You know what. I thought i wanted to go in the chiropractor but i wanna go save kids from tragedy. I want to rescue kids. I want to get the bad guys and put them away. Man that's good work. That's beautiful work. Better listen to that because your heart will never let you give that up. This is the. Ken coleman show..

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