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I believe this is the case. Look i've been wrong before. And i will be again so this is how i see it. Now let's say you're really upset. And i feel that maybe i have contributed to you being upset then. Something happens within me emotionally. I may feel guilty. I may feel shamed. I may feel sorry. I may feel Yeah maybe i overdid it so my movie in my own head and self talk goes on and on and on when i can stop taking it personally than i just observe okay. So she's in particular mood today and then it is almost like riding at deaden so it takes two to be a drama queen. Your right because one person has to buy into it. And i think that is a good way to put it. Well guess our start playing in this dynamic. So what is your goal with having this as the topic drama queens. I think my goal is for people to have some self awareness around. Have i act and behave. Because i don't know that those that are drama queens always realize that is what they were doing perhaps because they've always just been that way or whoever has been around them has bought intuition so it's played out as dynamic and i think one of abacus goes with this podcast is self-awareness and realizing that we do need to look inwards and really be honest with ourselves about the way we act and behave in order to grow as a person in order to do that. The first self awareness when. I'm not even aware that. I'm having the tendency to behave more lately. Like drama queen or the so called drama queen or be seen as the drama queen. Then when i'm not aware of it then there's nothing to look at. yes exactly. So how do we do that. How do we help. People take the self inventory and gar is my behavior over the top or is this a way for me to get some attention that i feel like i'm lacking in my life..

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