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Parameter. You can interpret that. That story is being told in multiple ways. I completely what we hold we hold our own data. So we track our own statistics, and then we use try to use consistent base statistics to look at what we're trying to achieve. And in this moment, it was to make sure that we understood that we were on the right path, right? And if you looked at metrics at any level, we would have been in the top half of the league at the very least, and then sometimes even in the top 6. And so for me, it was about now trying to understand how to modify our tactics and our substitutions, our line of choices, everything. And then still provide enough consistency so that the players understood that we were doing well and that it eventually it was going to pay off and that we needed to continue to push even harder in the direction that we were going. So that's still the case. This one victory, which is a big victory doesn't really change that at all. You have these reams of data I'm sure from all your stops and it was important to Red Bulls. It was important and Salzburg. It's remained important. And a lot of it I assume is on physical capacity as well to press and run and do the things that you're asking. Can anyone has anyone surpassed what Brendan aronson is and can do within that sort of parameter? Like just from a physical capability to run and press, I mean, is he number one on that list or have other people surpass that? I mean, I've had a few guys that are at a high level for that, but he's certainly one of them and Tyler is too. I mean, it's the reason why we went after both of those guys, right? It was because I believed in their talent, and I knew them, but I also knew, and their ability to play the way that I wanted to play. And that we want to play. So they are gifted that way. But they are also relentless in the commitment to get better. And to develop as people and as players. What does this come from this capacity? It's an americanism. It's an americanism. I'm sure of it, right? I mean, in some ways, for both of them, like when they landed, they played for me, right? Tyler, I was the assistant. And Brendan and I was the head coach. But, you know, they kind of played a version of what we were doing in Salzburg. Obviously, New York did with Leipzig. And so it was a little from a stylistic and from a philosophical football philosophical standpoint. It was a little bit easy for them to adapt based on some of the terminology and the ideas that were behind the tactics.

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