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That we you know we want people to know us uh team the play physical police are four quarters uh just a dominating payment we want we want to establish that is our identity you know we'll don't try to intimidate team little type taught charge anything like that want will live up to standard echoes davis a you know like i said earlier but we're not really focused on out teams perceive a how teams think about a we did want everybody to know that you know whenever you code especially to play at the home you know we're going to give you a tough game so this kind of what we look to what is it that you see in tennessee or you're expecting to get from a team that's pretty desperate for a win right uh you know we know that were played a great team this weekend and they're a couple of plays away from being maybe a 501 team or or you know we never know where where things could fall within boat you know we know that they're going to come in here and play as hard they don't care about their record they don't care about our record you know the is our game proce and for them so if there are stuck to others gave means a lot too a lot of people will not just people in the team but our arfan supporters so it was the big game we know that they're going to come in here and how to take with ours and you know kind of kind of ruin i run our our game at our plate so i guess that we're just have a focus on what we can do to the player but football alabama running back damien harris said thank god tennessee thanks damien are presented today's taken on a defense that has all 100 and 23rd in the nation against the run it certainly a mismatch on paper but college football rivalries are made of upsets and i'll talk to volunteers head coach butch jones about trying to do that next you're listening to ncaa football on.

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