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It is my it's bizarre weekend. My Kids Kim. I haven't seen my daughter in a month at so I'm wondering is there a wedding that you were not able to attend at any point in your life where you have deep regret that you were not able to attend <hes> no. I've done pretty well on weddings I. I don't think I've missed anything major. I mean good friends of mine. Got Married and I hated to miss him and the others and sons of friends of mine at this but I but we all understood that there were things in the way the world series or something else so. I don't think anything has ever happened where I said God. I can't believe I didn't you go to that. I think I've done pretty well wedding. 'CAUSE I consider them to be really important Tim. I want your top. Three Hors d'oeuvres served during a cocktail hour a good question. Oh God <hes> well welcome. Only I mean I like <hes> chicken on those little skewers does the signature one there to him that I hope you <hes> you put in here. I hope so you have to and I love crap balls or whatever they're calling. What I was thinking? Keep in mind. He's a Maryland Guy crabcakes and football. That's Maryland does but how about the mini hotdogs to pigs in a blanket is to go to yeah. I I like them <hes>. I've never had a cord dog another thing that has to come off my list things. I've never done why love hotdogs I love. I love all that <music> together. I would love it. I've never had a corn dog to have corn dog and then wash it down with some flawn. That's what you need yeah K._F._C. right down here. Miami love it. That's Great Tim. Can I ask you a quick way with Tim. With all the major storylines going on baseball I have to know what is your pit bulls name <hes> Tito so <hes> Tito's rescue dogs so his name was Tito when we got him so we kept it of course I told Tito Francona the hilarious manager of the Indians that we've got a dog and his name is Tito and he naturally reflexively said I bet he poops all over the house static yes yes that's when we got up and he still does and so we have to dog Magazi- other ones <hes> rescue dog bulldog. Oh God there's to the greatest dogs that all right Jimmy Fund segment. We will have a great weekend. We'll speak the next got it. Okay guys see. Here's a little you'd going on here with Odell Beckham Junior and Eli manning that I that I five pretty interesting..

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