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Up one hundred and eighty one points finished the week at twenty six thousand and thirty to one hundred up one hundred and eighty one the Dow was NASDAQ was up today. Sixty eight points finished the week seventy five twenty eight in the SNP was up today. Eighteen point finishing the week at twenty seven ninety three all three up. Smartly on Wall Street. All right CNN just reporting, by the way. Hickok and Saint Francis. That intersection has now been cleared by Santa Fe police department. All directions. Now cleared of traffic investigation from fatal from early this morning. CNN just reporting then Michael Cohen's public testimony. I do believe this is in front of logic Cummings house oversight committee in public will be the same day of his summit. With North Korean guy, Kim, whatever his name is weird haircut. Dude. So the same day Cowan v Kim. Testimony is going to interfere with the president's summit in North Vietnam. That will upset him. Well, good where we upset him the better as far as I'm concerned four two four twelve sixty. You wanna talk about what time it should be or anything else. On your mind doesn't have to be legislated doesn't have to be political. And you want to chat about it fine with me. All right. Let's see what have we had? We have the budget House-passed HP to house passed the democratic version of the of the budget, which is fine with me. I just think the two hundred dollars to every new Mexican was a waste of my none of waste of money, but not efficient use a lot of money. So they pass the democratic version of that. Which does not include that we had Carl Trujillo's to everybody in town. Essentially, we have men behaving criminally we have her Mark Kelly to Robert Kraft to Jeffrey Epstein too small it to Raj. Stone men are idiots. Women know that right? We have oh I want to remind you that tomorrow at two o'clock, it has coffee and culture is going to be a particularly good show. Our guess we'll be from site Santa Fe and wrinkle and JoAnne Lefranc as well. As the publisher of the magazine, Warren trespassing. The magazine stretching the boundaries, and they have they're going to curate and do an art show, usually they just report onset art show, but they're going to do there. Anyway, Lauren will be with us. Tamara she very impressive young lady publisher of the magazine along with two other very impressive, ladies and wrinkle and JoAnne lefrak from site Santa Fe as tomorrow, coffee and culture at two o'clock. And yes, I did say I would be on Fox News. The Fox News eleven thirty on Sunday morning. It's a show to our show called America's news network. They need to live every once in a while. So they. They asked Richard if he'll be the sacrificial lamb on Fox News. I'll be on FOX on eleven thirty anymore. Public education department the secretary nominee for PD. Unanimously. Confirmed yesterday. I do believe. So now, we have a secretary an actual secretary secretary for public education firm. So here's the plan. One of the first acts. They're going to have is to toss out. The previous administrations ranking of schools for may throughout. Not helpful not effective. Not clear. Why did my school go my kids? Go from go from a to a D minus. Well, we don't know we just that's. That's it deal with it. Nobody understood it. Relied according to teachers and administrators way too much on the test scores for the kids. So we're going to have something else. We have to have something because the feds say we do because of the every student succeeds act, which followed the no child left behind. So they replace it with an accountability system that identifies schools as failing with one the classifies them by the amount of state and federal support they require. Can be a big shift. According to Tim hand, who was deputy secretary of education. Shift in philosophy from seeing schools as failing to seen a call to action this underscores how we see that our role at public education permit is to lead with support not punishment support. The effort comes as democratic lawmakers have introduced to measures Senate Bill two to nine by Senator Mimi Stewart and house Bill six three nine by Representative John Romero, there would repeal law creating the through grading system. Now, the house version has not yet even reached his first committee. The Senate version two two nine by Mimi Stewart has cleared the Senate education committee passed through there. And Public Affairs Committee. You two committees. Now headed to the Senate floor Santa version of this to repeal the law. We grade schools eighth. Department won't wait for repeal of the schools. Grading law to begin moving forward with its new rating system if the eighth ref is still in statute, then we will have to run that system. But this is still something we can do independently according to Tim hand who is deputy secretary now. So they're moving forward with it. And then they're going to have the dashboard. System to give mostly administrators and teachers, and parents a better idea how the schools are actually doing rather than just simplistic as take time out. We're gonna come back.

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