Colmey, Barack Obama, Donald Trump discussed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory


Now remember i'm a democrat i'm by all yes you are but yet they are appalled by colmey has worked with three presidents george bush rock obama and donald trump that only donald trump made home we don't want easy but he cooked detailed votes on his meetings with the president as soon as he got into his show put her to go back to his office why home me knows what all of us republicans and democrats i like a light should know by now that donald trump as you said live he lives recklessly impulsively sometimes almost daily and donald trump regard ward secret as a quote to keep his actions and his words invisible you when me not invisible to the russians oh but invisible the electorate of the united states remember trump leak top secret information to the that he does not what you will need to know and the final thing wire the president flies important we talked about this last night we are in a new rate game against china russia and militant islam playing that gang take the ability to see i'm to say by the close we have more than just a president who live to deceive you on me we have a president who appears to deceive himself but that federal we have a president who attacked for allies and cozy europe cozy up to our enemies we have a president who may be showing american leadership position in the world in part that's because other world leaders cannot press the man who makes up his fact as he goes along even donald trump sworn enemy the new york times and the washington post avoid award live and lying only dream colmey has dared use those words and ward matter george they matter line here howard are we spending too much time as a nation shen on all this stuff we are spending too much time of donald trump has made himself the ultimate reality show wheel all absorbed in it fox news.

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