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We wanted to get some meaning and sense of belonging from something and the institutions that are most healthy and productive and doing that start with the family, but also local religious organizations civic groups all of these kinds of things when those sorts of things start to break down. We don't lose that instinct what Robert Nisbet called the quest for community. We look elsewhere for it and our politics for the last thirty years, forty years has increasingly been selling this idea that the government can give partisan politics can give you that sense of identity. That partisan politics can be your tribe. The first words at the democratic convention in two thousand twelve were from a video that said government is the one thing we all belong to and that under that that sense of how to look at politics where there's. There's my group and the other group is inherently tribal and demonizing. And so you have very very high levels of negative polarization in America today. Which is what politics scientists are getting when they talk about how for millions of Americans. The reason why they're Democrats is because they hate Republicans and vice versa. So you had this giant sorting where today your partisan affiliation tells an enormous amount about you, it's part of your identity forty years ago. If I asked you if you're a Republican or democrat, I have to ask a follow up question to find out if you were a liberal or conservative that's not true anymore. And what we're seeing is enormous sense that. Politics is becoming a lifestyle, and our lifestyles are becoming politicized because there there aren't better sources of meaning in our lives and with the balkanisation of the mass media. We have lots of media outlets now that are serving as. Defacto arms of our two political parties in part because our political parties are so weak. That's one of the great ironies of the time that we're in. There's our partisanship hasn't been this bad since maybe the eighteen fifties. But the parties themselves have never been weaker. And so because they can't handle the politics that our country is supposed to handle all these other institutions are being politicized. You get every Oscar ceremony some jackass gets up and gives a political speech. That sounds like it's a fit for party, the New York Times lobbies its readers to vote to call its congressman. About the tax Bill Fox News where I've been a consultant contributor for ten years. The opinion shows at night there. Basically, you know, commercials for the RNZ MSNBC is is virtue, signaling to Democrats in much the same way these institutions become in some ways opted by the political process, and we're toll and because we only listened to media outlets that we already agree with the demonization becomes self perpetuating. And we see the other person who's not just wrong, but his against our very way of life and wants to destroy.

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