China, President Trump, President Xi discussed on The Morgan Show


Senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega documents when President Trump's team first learned about the virus surfacing in Wuhan, China, Really we go way back to get inside of the head off this administration at the time when this virus first broke, and and you'll remember this was a president. This wasn't the administration. In the middle of an impeachment trial. The virus they're working hard. Looks like by April. You know, In theory, when it gets a little warmer, miraculously goes away. Hope that's true. And you'll remember back then these video clips of the president, downplaying repeatedly downplaying what we were hearing coming out of China. I spoke with President XI and they're working very, very hard on. I think it's gonna all work out. Find rough stuff. I tell you rough, rough stuff, but I think it's gonna work out. Bob was trying to get information in real time exactly what was going on over there. The reality is China wasn't being transparent about anything that was happening inside that country. The frustration is that he wanted to get his team there. And to go to one and find out what was going on. But the Chinese were not allowing that as far back as January, some of the nation's foremost disease trackers and former national security officials in both the Obama and Bush administrations were frantically emailing each other back and forth, but how concerned they truly were about this virus. They called the email chain Red Dawn ABC News chief investigative reporter Josh Margolin was one of the first to tell their story, and we talked about it this week explained to us Red Dawn. Can you get the timeline for us what we're looking at? When these experts were saying, Whoa, we got something going on here. We all know that the story.

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