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In the Bay Area. What comes to mind for you? Well, I think if we're talking baseball one game would be the Brian Johnson. I think three run homer an extra innings to beat the Dodgers that Dell vault the default of the Giants into the postseason and 1997 when they were battling with the Dodgers. That was really one of the great great moments without question, I think covering You know, covering the 1989 World Series, you know, back in those days stations like KNBR in KCBS, you know, would send news people in sports people to post season games in any sport involving the local teams. And you know that was great being and Wrigley Field for games one and two of the National League Championship Series. And there was that unforgettable moment with Don Zimmer went to the mound and had Greg Maddux walk Brett Butler to load the bases to bring up Robby Thompson now That made sense. Except when you remember that Will Clark was coming up after Robby Thompson. So Robby Thompson struck out and will Clark hit a Grand Slam home run on the Waveland Avenue? And the rest is history. But you know, great memories of covering those games. Remember sitting next to Joe Fonzie and we both looked at each other and we said you believe with Don Sumer his setting himself up for and sure enough, he had to pay dearly. And then, of course, you know that Will Clark single that wanted In Game five and set them into the World Series covering the World Series. I mean, who could forget that the Games one and two in the A's won? I think five to nothing and 5 to 1 in Oakland in the first two games, and then we get The earthquake. I was in the Broadcasting booth for KNBR just cued up. A new interview with Matt Williams and then a minute or two later the quake hits and You know, I remember Lee Jones being being really shaken and in the in the broadcasting booth, and I remember walking out of the booth at some point, and the first person I saw was Jack Buck Jack. But coming out of the You know, the I guess he was announcing per CBS or for one of the networks, and he looks at me and he says it's nothing to worry about. It's nothing to worry about. Well, in fact, itwas you know in that, and then you know can be our is going into extensive news coverage and So I'm down on the field, getting interviews with players and with officials and And then hustling back up to the booth and Bob Lancet anchor the coverage and by the time I got out of the stadium, you know it was dark. And I went to the hospitality tent and ran into Mike Woodley. Now Mike Woodley was really shaken up because he was up in the football press box when the earthquake hit so as much as we have may have been rattled. In the regular broadcasting press box for baseball. Everyone I have talked to over the years who was up in the football press box described. It is absolutely terrifying. On. So Mike and I just hung out. You know, we you know we had a couple of drinks, and I think we waited until we just felt heat. Until he felt he could get the San Francisco Driving his car, and then I was hopeful of getting across the San Mateo Bridge to get to Alameda. Fortunately, I had been able to make contact by phone with my wife shortly after the quake hit. I was really lucky. And so I knew that That she and our older daughter were fine. Our younger daughter hadn't been born yet. And and so finally I left Candlestick very late in the evening Drove down one. Oh, one. And the traffic. Trying to get on the San Mateo Bridge was just it was absolute gridlock. So I ended up getting off in Redwood City, driving up into the hills knocked on the door of one of my best friends. From high school and his wife who might knew from living three years in Tokyo. And fortunately they were awake. They open the door looked at me and one of them said. I had a feeling we might see you here tonight. They have they They had the guest room all ready for me. And so that was that was great. And then the next morning, I'm up driving to San Francisco to get there. Before six a.m.. And the thing I remember is that you know all the power was out in the city, and so the only thing you could see was what you could see from your headlights in your car. But if you look to your left or two, you're right. It was just dark and it was a struggle. Just a fine. Uh, okay. And they are the radio station on Montgomery straight out by the Embarcadero, but but I managed to do it. So I mean, that was unforgettable. Um, the 2002 World Series was unforgettable. It didn't work out the way Giants fans wanted it to, But being down and and I'm for the unforgettable game six and seven was still you know something. I'm glad Was there to see. And then the great run, you know that if you call a home run that won the pennant and games and 10, 12 and 14 of the World Series, you know, unfortunately, starting in 10, 12 and 14, you know stations networks were cutting back on expenses. And, you know we didn't get Talyn. I didn't get sent to cover those road games in the In the playoffs or the World Series. That was a sign of things to come. I always love covering spring training every year, you know, just treasured it 15 20 years And then that ended. I haven't been to spring training in over 10 years now, so, but those air those air fabulous memories, There's no question Well, The beauty of it is that you saw seals, Seals stadium. You were there for Candlestick and for the beautiful ballpark, a third and king now thinking back Tol the change from Canada. You're out there for the candlestick nights. And you know that. And then, of course, you get the beautiful ballpark. As I say, 18 tea or Pac Bell. Whatever you wanna call it. What about that feeling?.

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