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But the one thing it it did have over hell or high water was that there are moments in it that a really emotional where i was just like don't don't don't okay here come's got dammit in with me but i see but i see that central they're not done it it was it was a couple of times i it it really got to me yeah like every george give it uh i man i'm out i'll give it a little low full price because it it was it was quality yeah yeah that's that's dismantled me i can't i can't see any by going to see it coming i go on like man why you sent me to see that anybody who sees a like it yet unless they just are eighty deal the couple that set next to me talk and the whole got their moving all i know i want to kill that do man yeah and we're so bear man you know the the whole theatre was quiet this is the lucca bhadra we went to their one movie there's at that art house boom level and we set by the one fuck who was taketo vilm but is good enough to where it and take it away from it because i take move away from his because it is that deep is guy forget it used to be on a nerd show he was on talent taylor shared in may he was a alien i know he alien on a i'll start star trek enterprise out okay yeah this guy's doll you know foot for doors of nourish it he's gone to ryan some really dark materials the cario he wrote hill how water he directed this and you write martin it is a it is a film more as as well as being a police procedurally and it and it does have a very film what ending to an but yeah i'm i'm the same way as because out because the.

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