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Game you know you're gonna get cast. I think it's important. Well i i appreciate being included with them. They're all girlfriends. They're all people. I've i've always admired and I am honored to be mentioned in the in the same breath with them. I i really do think that you have hit on something. That's that's a very valid point that this is as good a time as we've seen For for television broadcasts and generally the quality of the broadcast from a producing directing standpoint to and. i think what your point was earlier about the number of eyeballs. Look everybody everybody brings their best friend. Nfl game You leave no stone unturned. Everything in front of you from game past two red zone channel during the direct. Tv red zone channel during sunday's if you're not in front of that game you're not getting that game The amount of information social media There's no excuse. And you can get exposed. I think quicker in this day and age doesn't leave the place for a broadcaster to not come in spring. Lee prepared now. Part of my concern always deceased earning compared to the nfl like nfl game. I know i've seen most of what's gone on during the air. But i may forget the play that roberts splaine the steelers came up with his pick six. I remember we had it. I remember it was tennessee. But i don't remember the exact circumstance per se was it. I drive secondary but a steeler fan knows that. Because they're living on every snap now with notre dame. When i watch other people do not name. I know that. I'm an advantage. Because i've seen every snap. The irish have played the last five years when they don't win when they play a road game. Usually we'll get them the next week or two weeks later. That's a that's a huge huge huge advantage. Because the the fan at all your giants fan. Or i don't have a team. I root for i root for whoever i sort of have a wager on basically. That's i. I like to watch your games and then i get attached to certain players. Your your neighbors. Who are jets. Fans long island you. They're they're living every snap right so they know. And if you are doing jets game and the jets will get passed off to a half dozen different broadcast teams during the year because of where they are..

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