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Roussell, I believe that came in on bass Levski made the same point on the counter up the middle center. Cross the line pulls up takes it right point right in points of the right circle. It circle coup drop. Battle to hold on to it right point Girardi a shot blocked. Rebound kucherov right circle wants to tip the point right circle. Tyler Johnson Johnson takes it right corner. Sweeps across as point left circle. Centerpoint Sergeyev, shoots blocked in front by look, here's Bullhorn VAT sailing it out to center ice Ericsson. His after he's stripped by circuit jevon Girardi. We'll take over and the lightning zone nine. Oh, two left in the first one on the score. Dander already in front of the lightning up. Nicely feet, Ernie across the blood Martell. What? Ganic Martel in the lineup after Callahan was delayed scratch sets pot cat. And said he puts it in on a one time. It's two on lightning with eight fifty three left in the first unbelievable backhanded pass to Cedric Paquette coming in for the one timer in a beautiful finish on an open net for podcast first NHL point for Danny Martell. Congratulations, Dan, and it's the beauty. He saw podcast. And he knew he was going to be there on the Russian as soon as he turns his back to the plane. He just kind backhands it to him across the ice. And a great one two punch for those two players together making the most of his opportunity so far. His first NHL point while deserve. Great finished by Cedric Paquette. Sergent-chef at center ice fire in Martell was just offside. He also got tripped. But no call on the trip. So of a one goal lead for the second time tonight. Eight forty eight luck the purchase to enlightening lightning radio..

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