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Police and its union are having a disagreement over exactly how many officers are on the force. The union says Metropolitan police now have fewer than 3600 officers, but the department is Selves. It says it has 3623 swarm members. As of today, AH Union share. Greg Pemberton says recent police reform legislation made it harder for officers to do their jobs, prompting many to leave. The department argues the number of officers Leaving. The department has stayed the same for years close to 180 officers of other retired or otherwise left the force so far this year. A big corporate donation is coming to Virginia Tech as it builds that new campus in Northern Virginia. Boeing is giving the school $50 million money will help Virginia Tech is it develops its new Virginia Tech innovation campus in Alexandria, which will focus on research and graduate education in computer science and computer engineering. Virginia Tech President Tim Sands says the school is moving ahead with one question in mind. How do we make the most diverse tech campus in the country? If not the world governor Ralph Northam. It's just a sign of how the public sector and the private sector can work together. The campus is set to open in three years with construction beginning this fall. Nick I. Nelly w. T. O P NEWS 7 22 after discussing the heart wrenching death of a 13 year old and the 12 year old charged with shooting him in Capitol Heights. Recently, Prince George's county is executive announcing Neil and expand that summer programs for kids Basketball hoops returned to courts Countywide by week's end. And after Memorial Day weekend basketball skills, challenges Pick up flag football and soccer. Will be available for teenage residents at our park Locations. County executive Angela Also,.

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