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Of a college hayes so I like them but I usually like the ones we'll but people did win this one as reality shows that usually like when people win and lose his head. I mean technically yes. There was a winner but that being said no one except for the audience really won the shows. Everyone's lost I was. I was not an avid watcher. But I did watch and enjoy so that being said I figured out what we could do. Is You know if Liana wants to put on her viking hat once more after her hayes from yesterday and see if we can assign some of flavor of love esque nicknames. Some of the people from this caste for people who don't know flavor Flav for some reason. Maybe it's because he just doesn't remember people's names would lines up. All the girls at the beginning of every flavor of love season talks them for like thirty seconds and then comes up with a nickname just based on whatever might be on where they're from and might be how they look in a random fact about them. Liana. Do you have any Favorite flavor of love nicknames. Over the years ooh okay. That's good so po. Pumpkin not pumpkin. Pumpkin Which again. I don't know exactly why she was called Pumpkin. But that's a pretty good one Let's see so classically you know the woman who is from Georgia is called Georgia. But I think what really stands out? Is that usually there's Z. At the end and Kinda got weirder as the seasons went along. I'm looking at some right now that I really love. I love the season. Two toasty with threes. At the end of that season was my favorite. I think it's spelled pay. I Y Shins as age. I N T Z. There's also is really weird nickname but E. I. E. Y. Apostrophes Z. At the end I also love. I think my favorite though overall it's a simple one might be tree ceases three. There's just a really tall woman who came on that flav dictator tree. It's.

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