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Work I would like i. I'll take what other people have said. my friend noah Noah learner you can look them up. He's wonderful person The other day he said to me he said i've been around. I've talked to hundreds of people on this end. Is you know this more than anyone. And i said. I don't know a fraction of it. But i do know probably as good as the you know a couple of dozen in the world who don't work at a in on those teams at those organizations and i can comfortably name who those. Those dozens of people are The biggest belief in my in our space from the search engine optimization perspective is that there are truly a lot of experts in the field. There really aren't There's a very very small number and you don't have to be an expert about how everything works to be successful at this job. You can think critically in have good standards in guardrails for yourself and focus on what you're good at focus on that and be successful on. I think a big belief is that you have to either think that you are the ultimate expert or not. I mean i. I laughed because i build out. I have like one hundred. Fifty really really cool. Examples of things that people say are true about search. And it's the debunk. it's a d. bunker hand you know when i just kind of keep that because it reminds me that you know anyone can say they're the expert. It's like come on you know. Give me this money. And i will give you my secrets. It's like i'll give you all my secrets nothing. It doesn't mean that you're gonna know exactly what to do with them or how to use. If that's not the key the key is can you set yourself up for success but don't believe everything you hear In this because there's a lot of conjecture on the nurse who will die on a hill on something they believe in fact that is not true. And just be aware of that and that that's the It's like a And i passionately disagree with anyone. Who believes that. They have it all figured out. 'cause i certainly don't. I'm amazed at what i learn every day every week from my own research and through the research of my peers in this space and And even then people will say gosh like the way you think about the the five years from now. You had told me that. I wouldn't have never thought about it that way. Not i was talking to somebody about query in richmond. Which is we you type a.

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