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I'll give you the and you probably know what the second part is going to be. What is it going to tell us if kendrick green comes out and plays great in the hall of fame. The one thing. I think that's going to tell us. Is the one thing that i would take from that. Is that the steelers. Made the wise choice. I will be much happier with their choice of going harris fire. Move and waiting till the third round to get someone to play center. It will not just one guy wanted wanted all along if he comes up in place. Well then it's going to be like okay. That worked the way that draft then looks more. It has the potential to work the way the steelers wanted to. I'm going to say that if he comes out and plays great all. That's the biggest question was going to say as well who was really playing for the cowboys. What was it was just the hall of fame game. What's really you know. Can you really learn that much from this you know. Let's get him out there with against you. Know with starters against starters and you know snap into ben rothlisberger and everything in order to see how he really looks came because my follow up question is what does it tell us. If he doesn't play well. Well there's different ways that that the this argument you're just making oh. We don't know you could be like well well. He was playing with a bunch of nobodies there was. You know what was had lining up with those guys much and you could tell there were communication issues and people were making the wrong blocks exactly. So i'm gonna tell you this right now because i have a feeling next week. This is something we're going to be saying you can spin the results individual results in everything even team results of the preseason game any way you want if you think a player's going to be bad and they play well you can say that's because they blah blah blah blah if you have you know and if they don't play well see. I told you if you think players going to play well and they don't you it'd be like well it's the first game and it's this and they weren't playing with other players here there but if you think you know you know what i'm saying you can you can come up. You can justify what you already believe going into the game regardless of what happens and the biggest position that you're gonna do that with his quarterback my opinion. You know if you think if you think mason rudolph is terrible no matter what. He doesn't his game. You're gonna make an excuse of is really good. If you think mason rudolph is terribly terrible years. Say she. I told you but yet if you get if you would play really good you would have a reason. Why didn't mean anything. You know what i'm saying. It's so it's funny. You're not gay. And this is something i should have done. This is my number one and this has going to be sent now. You're not going to silence any critics and you're not going to persuade any any super optimistic people if it's not that's not gonna happen in this game. You're going to have reasons why what you think before and really was but then but if you go into the game not really expecting anything either way. You'll probably learned the most of what you can't. Yup i didn't take your number one. Okay good with the way. I just said that because i'm like man i should put that as number one or not you know..

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