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I can amy coupon was a little bit loose with some to the fiction but. If I remember correctly, they did kind of lose to fact that he might have Rafidah allegedly right. So, if I'm being accused of something like that like. This time to be announcing shows, there's no time to be trying to learn secret potluck patron podcasts, I mean you're GonNa try and create your name. So you could go back to do what you're doing before the level you're doing it like. Some nondescript studio with a wobbly table doing conspiracy free podcast with somebody that you didn't probably speak to that much prior in some Tripoli who's been absolute jen in terms of how he's backed him in public is probably against some trip. He doesn't know Brian Cameras well as Joe Rogan does and he's beckoning more than he is. It's like, oh. Yeah. All the things again annual has continued. Looking over the websites for the club listed above reveals interesting details. The helium comedy chain not only has kind of performance has promoting his appearance from the Shane in his who might remember from side in again. See Look. Just his own surface action is getting Shinkin this name for in the mud. The candidacy Improv is also has Kevin Show promoted on his main page and it's an Improv has listed on the calendar. Turbo meanwhile, the breakdown comedy clubs seemed to have scrubbed cannons named from their website already want. So one places really knocked him off a Google Search Name Brand current tells Debbie La. He says, however, if you get the link, it takes you to a May pay listed on the day shown in. Google. Preview new cannons list still is unclear if he's been counselor Britan's laying Lonzo its Tom. Blows over. Court. Cookman and take them shed their profound disappointment with the men in comedy saying following Cartman said France for doing this work. Hope you'll as discussed design at the male Comedians who will say anything don't even mean friends of color I mean the good guys week just fucking week but again, what you expect, right they don't help you any like La Comedians. The just the worst in they don't th friendship doesn't exist. No. Trying to protect their own shows, protect their agents detector on open trinity to Gauge Gigs it is what it is. Suggest that somehow people are not involved in a even their friends are going somehow jumping to be allies. It's just not going to happen there waiting for the guy to get canceled completely say can take your spot comedy club comedy story..

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