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People who don't know have got a just a boatload of former fbi cia a police detectives on their payroll they are doing their due diligence on this especially because it's a domestic violence allegation see video marais rights and that they don't want to be wrong on this one even at the cepd with that point oh one percent chance they might be so so they can do whatever they want they and their whole thing is don't embarrass the shield it don't tarnish the shielded don't embarrass the brand and it easy q elliott has had trouble follow him from college the alleged domestic violence issue we're talking about going back a year ago to last july this d 100 mile an hour prutton one hundred mph speeding tickin' i've grabbing a woman's whilst and exposing her breast in front of thousands of people at a st patrick's day parade and then what happened on sunday that's off the top of my head so roger goodell michael you don't wanna miss domino's i'm gonna send his youngman message and suspended for game possibly two games in freddie that might not be the worst thing a long term do you have a true wakeup call one you get doc money right to your embarrassed sold longterm your cowboy fan a one or two games suspension might not be the worst thing for his eqa elliot as far as his career go you make a fair point but i said last night alsaid gin he doesn't have any concerned about losing his nfl career he does not have any concern about football being taken away from him because he never have to worry about that high school he never had the worry about that would ever troubles that we know or don't know no at ohio state and now the national football league because he knows that his talent mbc believes his town is going outrun his trouble because so far he has that insult in that's exactly what has happened no matter what he's been involved in it's been a lot of ambiguity about that whole thing whether it was the domestic bounce thing here he's going to fight the one or two miles pows beating their this happening on sunday night no charge going to file this has been at.

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