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Assigning the Franchise Tag Joe -Tuni- when it became clear you weren't going to be able to re sign him. long-term. They've done some things that sort of have set this up for a while and I wanted to go back to that super bowl crash against the rams they were in twenty two personnel at the end of the game. Now I, know that they threw it all over the are there and that was part of the game plan. Get the Rams big defense, big personnel on the field spread out and throw it on them, and you can do that whenever Brown caskey. But I think there's also like kind of like. I. Think it was also kind of a referendum on the talent they had elsewhere right and in the way that they build the team and so. I think one of the reasons why cam was attractive to them. Is it sort of unlock some things? They couldn't do what Brady and sort of was like another step into what they'd already built, which was zig against a lot of zagging in the league and that Zagging in the League to me it's two hundred, fifty pound defensive ends is two hundred twenty pound linebackers. It's safeties who are converted corners. It's all of that right in. So I'm not that surprised in fact, I will say this. I think a lot of what Josh did on Sunday. My guess is he was excited to do it. My guess is he was really excited to have the chance to do it because I think he I think he's had some clubs in his bag. The just hasn't had a chance to swing yet and he could swing away on Sunday and I think what we saw that patriots offense was also pretty rudimentary in terms of what they were running. Yeah. everybody. Now at home thinks that every time there's his own read. The quarterback has his eyes up that it's an rpo and that he can pull it up and throw the ball when every once and I don't know about you. But I didn't see a lot of that with the Patriots I saw a lot of just straight up zone read. It's either going to be cam running power football or he's handing it off to someone because that's how they've worked at formation earlier with emotion or something like that I thought. Cam played well however. I didn't expect fifteen carries like that. That's where I was like, okay. Wait a minute where are you going with this and the whole the success in the offense he was highly motivated and to your point I think mcdaniels was like a puppy with to peters like Oh. My God. This is GonNa be awesome and you're right he gets the call the place that. He wanted to call and twenty ten if he would have been able to sink his teeth into Tim Tebow but fifteen carries a lot and don't know if that is ultimately sustainable however I can recognize that what they did offensively was like one sixteen of probably what they have I thought it was relatively basic. So is so how much is this though like and? Like our special guests has an incredible stat that I don't want to steal from I'll tell you about it off the year because it really is crazy. And we're going to talk about that in a little bit on the podcast but here's some extra stuff for you. How much of that crash do you think? So I think Josh said on conference call on Tuesday morning six of those plays were option plays right where it was a read and there are a couple others that were scrambles maybe part of it was Miami was saying, okay, we're gonNA give you the. We're going to give you the keeper read here. Like war going to crash I. I don't know if they're reading the end in these places..

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