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Let's check in now with meteorologist dean devore. Yeah. That is a gorgeous sunrise going on out there. With a pinkish cloud says we see some breaks in the clouds some of that sunshine around for a little bit this morning. Josh think clouds will close in from the north and west where it's still pretty. Cloudy. We still got this area of low pressure up to our north, and it's going to wrap this wind around as we go through the day winds gusting twenty five thirty miles per hour. So real feel temperatures today will stay in the twenties and thirties. More frequent snow and rain showers northwest of four ninety five maybe some sprinkles and flurries into the afternoon in the city, itself, windy and cold tonight will drop in the thirties real feels in the teens most places and then tomorrow, more sunshine, but windy and cold with the real fields in the twenties and thirties. Wind combs down Friday into Saturday. Low forties. Looks like rain pushes in Saturday night into Sunday's could be some icy spots inland at the onset. But this is primarily going to be a rainstorm is temperatures. Josh could get up in the low fifty s Sunday afternoon after the rain comes to an end. I'm meteorologist dean devore's WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty thirty four in Chatham thirty-seven in Norwood thirty six and Lawrence thirty-six under partly cloudy skies in Boston. Give the gift of winter with a gift card from the show valley ski area and Westford mass for every fifty dollars purchase. You get an additional ten dollars free offer available online only until December thirty first by now at Gina Schober dot com. Some sad news from the TV world. Stephen hill. Lindbergh, the creator of SpongeBob squarepants has.

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