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Dream I recommend getting, at least two because while wasn't his washing you can have the other one think about it, if your dog is gonna. Stay with a relative or friend. And you're not sure how they're gonna. React no problem had the, Marabelli ban, and even if, you think you know that your dog is, housebroken I said years ago where he went to visit a, friend and jumped. On her bed and peed right on her bedspread and that was a. Huge dry-cleaning bell are probably could, have bought five belly bands for what that dry cleaning. Well cost me so it's great to have, belly bands, and? Just have them just in? Case you know your. Dog l. or something like that belly bands dot net the other product I loved and Zeus felt so, comfortable on, this you, know, his world is spinning around and, what's better, than a soothing bed so I like the Yogi Bo bed. It's why oh gee I b o can do a. Search for it it's available on I'm sure On Amazon, a lot of other places it's kind of. Like a beanbag bed but it's very soothing on your animal because it conforms to their body shape and even though I have five for kids in the house when Zeus was not doling through his vestibular he owned that. And he literally he stayed on. That Yogi Bo that just made him feel better I think it's because it. Kind, of see. An invalid close to his body just making him feel better so I'd love, to hear if you've ever had any situations like. This and what any. Products that you commended but those are the three I recommend belly, bands calms, vast and the Yogi bowed bed they seem to be the most. Helpful while Zeus was going through his. Vestibular all. Dog, disease, and I, welcome any comments or questions Michelle at. Pet life radio. Dot com I am.

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