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Powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank read let's talk more football Jonathan Warner if the real purpose of a college education is to prepare you for adult life and a career then Maryland football coach Mike Locksley takes great satisfaction watching the NFL draft to be able to do something they love and they make a lot of money because of it for me it's really rewarding to just see the impact that the game of football hasn't changing families and and the futures of families the Redskins realize they're better off having a future without Pro Bowl tackle Trent Williams however Kyle Smith the team's vice president of player personnel hasn't had an easy time working out a trade you know you go into it hoping that something happens whenever you're trying to get something done but it could happen in five minutes it could happen tomorrow it might not happen in the next few days no it's just something that we're trying to work through and continue with dark making calls in in fielding calls in and we'll go from there maybe that'll happen tonight or tomorrow when the NFL holds the final six rounds of the draft ESPN was looking to fill some dead spots in its programming with Korean baseball but talks about a snack that's because ESPN did want to pay up front and only do it on a month to month basis Korean baseball begins play in may just like when the nationals relive game seven of the World Series the mystics are also going to get together to watch the clinching game of the W. N. B. A. finals but going one step further fans will be able to ask questions on the mystics Facebook page it starts seven thirty Sunday night with game five airing on NBC sports Washington Jennifer Warner WTOP's border governors of Maryland and Virginia out with new statements on the corona virus will have the latest coming up for seventeen your favorite things feel made for you your.

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