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Tell not a bad return he's investment. Roughly thirteen thousand dollars is now currently worth around two hundred and twenty five million dollars not a bad a really when you think about it. If only he could get his hands on it. That's right this map of the week is as much not because he invested in bitcoin but because these poor little sod cannot remember he's password which means his two hundred twenty. four million dollar investment is completely worthless. I don't know whether the love what a cry for him on that one. Well it makes it even more difficult because the pass key is twelve random words so it's not even a password that could be you know could be hacked so he's put the coal out there to say if anyone can help me with my pass key You know i'm happy to do a bit of a with you. So so there have been a couple of people that have come forward. And say all i know i can break it. And now i can crack the code I'll give you can give me ten percent but the issue is he's only got two tries lift correct because you've only got ten to begin with and he's already used either of those two more get. He gets wrong two more times and you'll never get his hands on. It was because he couldn't spell umbrella probably kept on putting i'm burela wrote. It's just rican. Sometimes you know fool in his money as soon be potted and this is definitely the council newswoman. I speaking of potting. Did you say the footage of millennia and Was sorry visit. Melania banca always get them a millennial and donald trump. don't when they got off the plane she was like i'm at hia and she's gone. She's gone now. The now the seeing the footage. No okay so i watched the footage because i sat back and i looked at this. I went really. I come on. And this is a beautiful example of the way the media just tweets something to be to try and smash trump what the meteor gonna do for a living now. Do not know but that's a both of them. Walked off the plane immediately after each other or millennium front looking stunning boys and they get to the bottom of the things step onto the runway couplets dips and pay poses and she does for minuscule of a second. They turned towards the credit he waves. She wonders off now just outside. The camera view is in in fact the car the big black suburban whatever. It's called right there. All she does was walk-off around the car to hop in the car. That's it and by the time she gets to her car door. He has finished into the crowd and he hops into the car as well but the media made it look like they went in separate cars and she stormed off and she's done with him now in the marriage is over and god forbid she's the field her contract and it's it's bloody hilarious is what it is isn't pathetic. Isn't that pretty pathetic. Have you got any News now just the indians one and a motorized on holiday anyway. So there's nothing else to talk about. And the china ivan's just oh shit because whinges. I mean seriously. How many times do you have to topol. You're going to have to be locked in quarantine for full weeks. And god forbid thank god that quarantines not like in a mining town some of that which was also suggested as an option there in luxury hotels for crying out loud. I mean yes. I can't get out and play the silly game of banging bull around the thing. But nike overheat millions and millions of dollars and i expect to be treated like royalty rather than like everybody else. Yeah yeah. I just think that that that these the rules have been put in place they have to abide by the rules. You know it's it's not as not a long time that the and people people complained. The federal government isn't doing enough repatriation to try and bring people who want to come home. It's not just the flights that are the issue. The issue is how many bids are available. Full quarantine yeah. You know what i mean. So these people want to come back into the country like khan because it's all the bids of full of bloody tennis is win in bloody heads off. Technically good luck may be interesting to watch it. Actually them trying to hit a bowl after being in locked down for two weeks and so forth into tiny. Now it's back to the show that pokes sleeping bid just to see if it's teeth a shop. Join.

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