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And now we're getting word from the the emergency management association so let's go to the neckline code issue that's in front of us all one of the biggest things that we are currently working on is managing the information for all of our partners obviously there's a lot of information coming out from the state from the different departments within the county and from our local jurisdictions and all that's coming into our emergency operations center which has been activated for over a week now and bring that in between that together so actually one of the difficulties that we face is the fact that this information is constantly changing I passed out to all of you our latest said Rep which we just issued right around noon that's already out of date because we got our second confirmed case so we're trying to get at least one situation poured out daily and we share those with all of our local fire chiefs of police chiefs all the local elected officials mayors the township administrators just so that everyone has sort of what we call that common operating picture and constant communication so that we can work to anticipate any needs that our communities might have as of today we currently have eight of the four nine jurisdictions that have declared states of emergency and clean the seats Cincinnati Anderson township Colerain township Norwood Woodlawn Lachlan deer park and spring Dale in addition to the county's declaration the state and the federal decorations that we received one of the other things that our office is currently working on regularly to this was the coordination of PP amongst our first response partners PP protective personal protective equipment for first responders and for the hospital so things like the gloves N. ninety five masks the surgical mask and one of our big efforts is really coordinating the sharing of information between the local fire departments and hospitals as far as the regional cash that Greg talked about making sure that everyone is aware of what the limitations are how to appropriately ration the use of PPE and if they do need to request that from the region cash making sure everyone's using that same process so that we can constantly monitor our resources and anticipate any potential shortfalls which right now we don't cash is going up also communicating with the state of Ohio EMA in Ohio department health so that if we do need to request state level resources to supplement what we have in the region a we're prepared to do that and that's not something we have to figure out when that time comes so my questions thank you thank you for the update I any questions or comments for right no question thank you all right and again.

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