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Win great stuff and what dance moves. Holy smokes. That's moves that you probably would wanna break out on on New Year's Eve that was incredible stuff. And in a way, captures the essence of what makes Japanese anime. So great that they are able to do walkouts like that. So amazing choices predate it very much. Congratulations to anyway. Now, let's move along to crowd of the year and crowd is a very interesting one as well. I know a lot of crowds very proud of the way they support their stars. And the fight game and whatnot. There were three that came to mind to me in terms of finalists. Let us begin with one that we just talked about it at longtime coming for Hawaiian 'em may to have a big show Bila tour was the first to get their Bill to twelve to thirteen twenty plus Hawaiian fighters on those cards. What a scene was when Olympic Farland capped it off the win over. Valerie Latourelle look at that crowd flags. The love the shock shockers. The flower. It's all great. I loved it. So that's finalists number one finalists number two. And I'm not saying they're finalists because I am a proud Canadian. But if you were in attendance in Toronto in December, you know, how hot that crowd was power pound one of the best crowds in all of them. As to Ronco always shows up, regardless of the depth of the card main event, max hallway, Brian tak-, they were going back and forth with Teigen hallway chance they were phenomenal. They showed up for the ceremonial wains. What a great crowd. Toronto was. But they didn't win. Guess what? They didn't win crowd of the year kind of no brainer. In the end Liverpool. In the United Kingdom echo arena. They had been clamoring. They had been begging for the UFC to finally come to the echo Rena. They were waiting for the white guy to make it happen. Darren till made it happen. What a scene it was. Sweet caroline. Beautiful stuff. He fought. Stephen Thompson in the main event, I loved it so Liverpool you win my crowd of the year. I think it was somewhat of a no brainer. They were hot. They were ready. They were excited. They loved it. Amazing. Darren till I loved it. And by the way, great win for him in the crowd pop afterwards. And they were there for Molly McCann and as of right now the returning to London in March. Okay. What is next next? We are going to talk about feel good moment of the year. I have said in the past that this isn't your typical award. This isn't the kind of word that you usually see, but it's actually one of my favorites. Because I feel like a lot of times we focus, you know, on the on the punches kicks. And sometimes negatively this is a moment that I think we all will remember, it's one of my favorite winners of this particular war because of all the emotion involved. Let me tell you about a man named Matt Hughes. Hughes was one of the very best. You have. The best welterweight champion of all time. He was country. Void tough. He was as tough as they come his fight against Frank Trigg. And you're looking at it right here. Look that on the verge of being submitted somehow survived and somehow picks up Frank Trigg and walks across the cage, and then slams him and then submits him that's mad Hewson nutshell as tough as they come sadly, June of two thousand seventeen he was involved in a car accident. He was in his car, and he was hit by an oncoming train early on the reports were horrific. There was fear that he might not survive. And for a while. We didn't hear much about him. We didn't see much about him. It just kind of remained silent. We had heard that he was fighting. But we didn't know how much he would recover and then in January of this past year in Saint Louis, Missouri match Hughes return and he walked out. Out on his own. And it was one of the most emotional moments in the history of the here. This. There you see what? The. Two. Seem to. Oldest?.

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