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Find out about us, the charm podcast is produced by Chris oil and Michael herald this shows recorded in cast media studios in sunny downtown Hollywood and engineered by Danny Lubar and Bradley denim. I'm Johnny, and I'm Jay, thanks for listening. And we'll see you next week have a great week. Hey, this is Johnny. And if you're like in the content of this podcast, but wanna take your social skills to an advanced level. Now's the time for you to join thousands of guys before you who came to the art of charm to gain that edge by attending an in-person bootcamp program. Whether you're an engineer, author speaker business, owner military man, coach consultant, Dr or anyone in a high discipline field after five plus value pack days, you'll walk away with the complete road map on how to make authentic connections with anyone eater life friends family co workers and yes dates strategy to implement these advanced social skills into your life. The alumni network connections that go with it. You will enter the elite one percent. And finally, learn the social skills you weren't taught in school head on over to the ARA charm dot com slash boot camp. To learn more and apply today. That's the art of charm dot com slash. Kim our team cannot wait to meet you..

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