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I don't understand where the connectors with rappers and politicians or wage that's politicians go to for the rappers. I don't and I don't know if it's because I don't know if they think that the black community or like looking to all these rappers to be their voice. I don't know what it is, but I don't understand it now people don't agree but I'm not one hundred percent mad at Ice Cube for what he did. I honestly would feel like now what I would have would I have sat down with him right before the election know but if this is the person that supposed to be representing our country and this is the person he doesn't necessarily make the rules but this is our figure who helped make the rules and I need to speak to somebody to help the black community then okay. Do that. I don't like how they try to use that as oh, he's a person Trump party because that's not what that was at. All right, so I don't like how that was misconstrued. But I you know, I'm I don't understand I don't like even when I saw the wizard little pump he caught him Little Panda little Peppers. He doesn't even know who he is off. Why are you out there? Like you don't even know what's going on? You don't speak for us here and none of these people who I guess are really speaking with him. Do they really doing for the black community? Wait, I don't really see them really being activism see them doing anything. So that really confuses me. I'm just why why like, I'm just loss. I'm really lost.

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