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Wilbur fabiano set us really let a good draw go to waste here down like he had no business in this to end it's crazy like that now watch that match in since he was he he was really trying so hard that match but he just could not keep together he could not in the i really had him i i just pencil them in even before the drawl came out i would like stepping osei suppressing gonna at least make wimbledon quarterfinals because there were no reason he said and yeah and i saw him as being deep cut this out for joke if it's out of his entire quarter the only person i saw that could possibly beto will be stepping hosted by everybody else pretty much a walking by yeah it was another lost opportunity for him big time yeah 'em accredit play golf fan i mean he's a spin slowly getting his game together like i feel like the last six months he's really turned a corner which i'm glad to see him back playing well yes thank god i noticed my boy am i'm very very happy to see him playing well there's hope i hope i think he i think he'll make this quarter british goes playing pretty well but i think i think open has this one i i agree i think that come from back behind against medvedev let's with bankratecom can i just say cow edmund in that school that meant like how the edmund let that slip from him how did he do that ours are watching a guy who's ridiculous i was watching the admiral's playing very well he was up two sets the low they i think pretty shortly wrong center court crowd's going crazy edmund in saint louis at that time break and then he just he just over that's what vert aspca does a bike you might my like you might be running things and then you lose your concentration for a little bit and you lose a close that he's gonna start swinging for the fences a hit you up the court that's kind of that's what he does like anytime he comes back into the low down to the slammer somebody gets a big win over a top that's exactly what happens like every time that was american veteran site or line i look at the score allied salisbury veterans for line i just didn't expect that often ask will cause he hasn't really achieved anything in a slam since twenty thirteen when he made the quarters here right he always but i think he always kind of has a little bit of light beliefs especially like if you like i said like you can pull out of close it like that in keeping a fan like he has a believe that he can really come back i don't necessarily know back cow edmund mentality is that of what his ability or as ranking is right sometimes he he loses measure that he's in like absolutely brits these brittany where shit at home for real especially especially the meant 'em but like you said a that you just mentioned brasco best result at wimbledon also this matching the fans best result from twenty fifteen keenan sixteen 'em they have a three in three heads ahead they've never played on grass in the last meeting with twenty seventeen rome went back off in all right yeah i'm picking golfing though you were right yeah next fourth round encounter is we don't pay versus military on it's a pay it'll be anderson which again i was disgusted just because i put anderson in the semi's 'em but did you watch that mean i did not i did not vote for a dad fail is playing pretty well he was playing very well this'll be a very similar matchup in in me loesch and then next round so 'em that may favor pay a little bit but 'em roundish i feel like as and playing pretty well so that ended up to say only needed one tiber versus rally on top of that saying something yeah sure i'm very surprised with this section there was i felt like the second was pretty open it could go either way but i the only person that really gave any shot to stand because i didn't think someone's gonna make it four again because he's been hurt for awhile around it has he retires from axes every everytime even a tournament so i stand what's gonna we're gonna handle this i'm pretty disgusted that he lost to poke like that well i'm on his though a same i think i'll go pillow just be the next matchup is roberto about teesta boot versus pay air a r v eight be happening in straightsets 'em this fourthround also ties his best is here from twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen a pair also 'cause here's the best part result from twenty seventeen he took a best leaders who's playing well after having be severe in the first round this match has eleven nine and the fast written all over now i'm in a in a hair been well pairs on the losing end of that yeah exactly like he'd never made us land quarterfinal before it will be nice to see him do it here but i just i don't i don't think is happening yeah i didn't i didn't know that are bay a could play play on grass like this but a good good job dan duquette through dried up opened up a little bit but i mean that was impressive over catching up so dave in this section of this is another huge disappointment sessions bears in round one going out to best we'd like that i thought i this is probably bullish on my part but i had the same easier in 'cause i really thought i really thought hey alexa play foolish by i really thought i really thought he had it he was gonna figure it out in make another run that run in parents this year to the quarters with a lot less stressful than it was last year and you know kind of piecing it together and also draw those very good you know like i thought we would get a hatch in all deserve in the fourth round in not heads obviously getting through that but a lot of 'cause you said that last episode and i said catching up is not making the fourth right now look i thought outgoing preview wrong because he was playing you're going all right but then he got the are being lost in the streets rv and get on the road sometimes you know you could get a little streak and start winning some matches maybe there's something he shouldn't win on paper you know near yesterday even though he probably should went on paper it's six oh had the hat for rb including a win at wimbledon in twenty fifteen oh wow i didn't know that yeah yeah i like the crv i pull this one out yeah i went to i like him yeah he's looking to make his second career major quarterfinal his first being just this year in melbourne so it'll be cool a just real quick do you think that 'em environmental is gonna stick with their to end this year if he has another result like this at youth over that's a tough one that is tough i don't i don't see coaches any coach like just quitting on one of their pupils but i and kind of see even lindell doing that like i could see him walking away like yeah there's nothing i can do to help this kid right like he's not it's almost like like win a daring k hill got around a curse there you know like she she might i've had like one garoppolo here there but she was at the end of the day just not that girl and then next thing you do they went together anymore like i think some of these coaches with a high profile names they kind of get used to having a certain level of success with whoever their protege is an on lindell has only worked with andy murray and he coast an emergency wimbledon titles so this is the complete opposite of that wears sauce is just not having a good season like at all right now and i feel personally i feel like mental kind of already has one foot out the door a little bit 'cause we yeah see him any way right so i don't i don't know i'm not gonna go yeah you make a good point about the coaches with the like high profile names who worked with champion before not being used to working with these people who just can't really get it together that's like a facet by working with then of its i yeah i'm not sure i see you bet pairing work glastonbury loan but she she can't win a massive save her life she ends at all yeah he's where he's worked with serena for so long you coach osaka to three titles indian wells any well to slam in the number one ranking i feel like he feels like he could be he could be better right parents i mean it's not that he's under performing at the slams it's his he's had a disaster year regardless idea man he hasn't he hasn't had a good season this at all and i thought i was thinking like okay maybe he's like trying to focus on justify like that's why he's not being able to pull out these smaller events you wanna you wanna title for parents but yeah he's he's still can't sing the gators i'd like i'd to see him get get back to winning 'em i think that he's got a big future so i i'd like to see him get out of this rat yeah he he's still very young he's only twenty two but he needs to pull it together before he loses too many points in his writing drops to low and he starts pulling these top guys very early in this land 'cause if that's the case then it's gonna be very hard for him to make it back that's true so if you need you need to wake up in space i feel like he kind of had sort of a a very quick rise to you know because we first saw him where were you with that then he lost to rafa in miami within fifteen of sixteen a in miami i think it was it was one of the it was either indian wells in miami he lost he lost rafa anybody like this close match and he had rafa like on the oh yes i remember the end he almost be demonstrates in the came back and won it in three in that was that was kind of win that was my first time really seeing him in saying like oh this kid kimberly play and he just kind of like didn't have it in that moment because that was his first time really playing a top player and having that kind of opportunity but then it wasn't very long after that the he'd start winning and so we've seen him be able to beat these top players and stuff like that but i feel like sometimes with the younger players it takes a season a two for the other players on the to kind of figure out how they play and what to do right them like at this point most of the tour has kind of figure it out especially early on in a tournament or lamb what to do against him in the fact that he's not going to step inside the baseline and do anything to hurt you even the kid way too tall and weighs strong to be a band are your crazy because he he hits the ball so well but he will not step in in our little ended about these larry andy roddick he almost where it's like i'm gonna stand back here and rip the ball right yeah let lemon winters down all he's been women when there's all these people my personal take a new video was australian open twenty seventeen when he lost robyn by fire that was the year after i feel like yeah i was sixteen when i when i that's the first time it really took note of like okay this kid might he might be something but you know he he is something i'm not gonna see nothing but you know he is something but he's not where where i thought he would be by now yeah even though even though he is still very young these twenty two and he's doing a lot better than the rest of these planes heroes are true but it's still a little a little disappointing a sea of not be able to get together i kind of hope that like seeing it's a pass like breathing down his neck would inspire him to play better but that hasn't seemed to be the case now it's gonna vote in the other yeah yeah yeah time will tell i guess okay a navy skips that's next on how exactly exactly my thoughts i would like for them both to lose 'em aquarius the lesser of two evils in a form of semifinals so him that's all i gotta say yeah that's that's who i'm picking his well god dominic team going out round one the way he did was not surprising at all it saying the win that match but it's still very disappointing he says i mean he got big with the force it like jesus christ you number five you just made the french open final doing a now and you know how that sam is likely a double a.

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