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So do stick around right now we're talking about creative driving in New Jersey. And some of the some of the moves that have been made by you on jersey roads. Let's talk to Mike in Howell on New Jersey one zero one. Point five. Hey, how are you? I'm good you. I'm doing good. Thank you. So that's one time when I was driving on Parkway, and I must visit been going way over the speed limit. And I was stopped by police officer. And he stopped me asked me why I stopped you when I told him. Yes. 'cause I was feeding these just no I'm on way to an interview and say important for me to try to be on time for this interview in order for me to try to get this physician. Right. And he said one second I the guy literally ran his police car. She was back in thirty seconds with a small ticket like a broken headlight. Which of course, I just paid. It didn't bother. Oh, yeah. That's a lot of times. I thought that was very very special. That was. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was right. Yeah. She sometimes they'll be able to you know. They can get you off the hook and make a few dollars for themselves, or at least, you know, be able to rationalize the stop. Because a lot of times, you know, like, the will tell you. Well, I can I really started writing your ticket. Or once we pull you over we have to go through with it. But again, if you're good to the cop if you act like an a whole the cop is gonna pretty much what you're you know, what I mean that he knows what your intentions are. If you're knucklehead you're gonna you're gonna pay for it. I thanks for the call to New Jersey one zero one point five, which if you're not enough ahead. He always reason with the cop and let them know. I think I'd have to tell you this. I didn't think I didn't think of it until someone told me SEO only reason why I would tell you, you know, like when I was a kid I was allowed mouth and and knucklehead mouth off to the cop. And all that I curse the cop out talion once since his name was Caputo said this is such not a good idea. But you know, but then one day somebody sat me down, you know, a friend of mine. Christen said, oh husband who would he be it for you know, it'd be nice to GOP. Let him know what you're doing. And. You know, you have a problem. Mike thing was I would get out of the car and that would drive him nuts. Yeah. Don't tell me to get back in the car. You can't get stupid from there. And I was going gonna win anything. But then I learned you know, as you learn you acquire PBA cars, which is also good. But you know, the policemen really is our friend what eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five or gimme some of those creative moves that you've made in New Jersey. Kyle letter cutting across three lanes of traffic trying to make an illegal turn because you late for work, and he wants to get in work because he doesn't want to deal with the coach. And by the way, Tom Coughlin wasn't the giant coach at the time because that I can understand Tom Coughlin. Be at the meeting five minutes before I can understand him wanting to like make it on time. Pat, Shurmur has any idea what he's doing? Let's see I'm going to put together a team with no blocking and never done that name to come up with some creative plays. It gets. You know, the other guys the ball and get it out of his quarterbacks hands, but I guess one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five have you ever done anything crazy? In the name of getting to work on time on the roads of New Jersey. Have you ever like, you know, passed a bunch of cars or made a risky traffic move that you later regretted or you can't believe you did that, you know, have you ever parked in a space that you shouldn't have in an attempt to get to work on time? And then guide out the fix it. Only to find out that you got a three hundred dollar ticket. That'll be something. I'll give you another one. I'll give you another one. I'm in Chinatown Chinatown, and I am parked in the Philadelphia parking lot. I am six inches. Over the yellow line. I didn't even realize it hundred and fifty dollar ticket. They want money. They just they just see cars is Luke cash. Registers driving around the city, judging gene, gene has their own reality show, the Philadelphia parking was. One eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five, but it's the same thing in jersey. You know, it's the same thing in jersey, and as it ever happened to you. You know, what was some of the things that you have done in an attempt to get to work, or what are some of the things that you have done in New Jersey when you are just so aggravated by the way, people drive, and it's got nothing to do with anything else. But you are in that moment you are in that moment. And while it's happening. You get nuts, or is that just me just edges me. Do. I have driver rights. You can admit it. It's just you and me, and tens of people who's gonna know hundred two eight three one point five, Chris. You'll save humanity, buddy. You know, when you commit on Saturday and Big Joe says ain't crash anybody traveled about bad driving you saying now, I know what you're talking about. Joe? Here's brandy. Two eight three point five. A love journal Gomez said New Jersey one.

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