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Just in. Fairfax what happened in Virginia? And it is interesting to note, the, you know, the Ralph northern is still the governor of Virginia. Yes. He is and Justin Fairfax is still a Lieutenant governor of Virginia. The Crecy here is simply overwhelming. Ralph novel he of black face and taking pictures with buddies a his dressed up and grand Clete goals of the clan. He's still the governor Justin Fairfax with numerous women out there alleging that he has raped them and abused them. And the Democrats are trying to sweep all of that under the rug, and it's fascinating to see what it is. That has pushed old ralphie boy off the front pages. And I'll tell you what the things are that ralphie boy has been pushed off the front pages by one antisemitism in the democrat party that reared its head here. This is in the story involving a Minnesota member of congress Ilhan, Omar. This woman is a Sumali born or some I think some Bali born democrat. There's a big population of Minnesota of Somali. Muslims and leftist. And this woman got elected to congress, and she has been out there. Just trashing a pack and the Jews she is a full fledged anti Semite full fledged to the max pedal to the metal Muslim, and she doesn't know any limits. She just out there tweeting and saying, and whatever she wanted the Democrats are getting very embarrassed by this and they're asking her tone it down. So she goes out and apologizes. An in her apology. She repeats the original allegation. About the Jews being bullied and everybody else being bullied by the APEC. Which in her the Jewish lobby of knows that uses a pejorative term. Anyway, that story serve the purpose of shoving old ralphie boy off the front pages. And then here came the green new deal, and it did the same thing. Now, what should have swept ralphie boy off the front pages are endless stories of how the Democrats have pushed a Russian collusion narrative. When there wasn't it. That story ought to be the lead story everywhere. You look starting today into last night and into the rest of today. It has just been announced that the entire two years have been a hoax. The Senate intelligence committee has admitted that after two years not a shred of evidence of any collusion between Trump and Russia. We had Trump's lawyer at the beginning of the Muller investigation. John Dowd, say I've seen everything Muller's got. I know every question Muller asked. I know every answer Muller got I don't even think Muller's going to issue. A report mother doesn't have anything folks Muller. That doesn't surprise me a bit. The whole point of the Muller investigation has been to cover up the real scandal, which is the collusion between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama department of Justice and intelligence community people. Who were running a silent coup based on the literally made up evidence made up facts made up charges fake news. If you will try to get rid of Donald Trump to run him out of office. It was it was no less than a silent coup. It was a scam to cover up Obama's corrupt FBI and DOJ leadership and how they covered up Hillary Clinton's massive corruption and criminal behaviour and how the media led the effort in this silent coup normally. That. That's the fact that that story has blown up now that there was nothing. Nothing to it is being greeted with home assist. The next development. It should be the lead story. It ought to be complete with apologies. And people begging for forgiveness. NBC is even ignoring its own exclusive. It was NBC that originally reported the Senate intelligence committee found no evidence of collusion. According to an NBC news exclusive that first aired during the ten o'clock hour Tuesday morning, PMS NBC live, both Republican and Democrats sources on the Senate intelligence committee admitted they haven't found any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, despite the fact that the exclusive was filed by NBC news intelligence and national security reporter, Ken Delaney. NBC nightly news did not report it last night. ABC's world news tonight and the CBS evening news. Also turned a blind eye instead of reporting on their massive breaking news story that drove a flood of reporting by other outlets, NBC news and Lester Holt hyped D N A tests for dogs. On March twelfth two thousand eighteen similar investigation of the house intelligence committee was ended because they could find no evidence. This has been one of the biggest hoaxes one of the biggest political hoaxes perpetrated on the American people. There has never been any evidence for it. No evidence was found for this. And I want to repeat what I said yesterday. What's going to happen? If Muller doesn't file a report, and I won't be surprised if he doesn't. If Muller doesn't file a report, the purpose will be everybody will know there's a report if it's not made public, then everybody's gonna want to know what it says the interest is going to ratchet up. They're going to be of that. There's no evidence found the media cannot report that the media's got to try to keep this alive because they still got to try to get rid of Donald Trump somehow. So. Get ready for a brand new round of leaks. Supposedly what it's going to be is more lies. What's in the report? And the New York Times and the Washington Post and NBC CBS ABC are going to say things like sources, tell NBC news that Robert Muller found, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, no confirmation was immediately forthcoming, but the evidence is clear that there might have been could have been no evidence yet. But there might have. And they're gonna continue leaking. Like, they have been leaking since before Trump is inaugurated, and they'll leak on the basis of the fact that nobody's gonna ever see this reports, and nobody will ever know that the weeks are a bunch of crap. This Muller investigation was predicated on. A couple of things they had to cover up the actual felonies committed by Hillary and Obama, the CIA DOJ FBI cl- Clapper and Brennan all that. And then they used the Muller investigation to leak a bunch of lies about Trump's business and private life as they attempted. To get rid of him as they attempted to undermine overturn the election results two thousand sixteen the purpose of that investigation was to provide an invisible source of lying leaks while covering up the real criminal activity that was occurring in the Hillary campaign. The DNC the Obama DOJ and all of the and I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. The question now is in my mind since all these people participated in a lie in hawks in a coup. What's going to happen to them? Something needs to happen to these people. They cannot be allowed to get away with this. There ought to be an order. Trump should do it. He should order the deal Jay to investigate all of these Obama people from Bruce or to call me to Rosa's nine all of them need to be investigated. All of them need to be charged all of the need to have exposed the lengths, they went to to undermine a presidential election..

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