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A lot of plays, You know, particularly on the other end, Jimmy again. His will to win is remarkable. And to do that 47 plus minutes and take the challenge on the other end. This is every young player coming into this week should Study footage on Jimmy Butler. The definition of a two way player competing on both ends five steals and then making big plays down the stretch for us offensively. Hey, played all but 48 seconds in the game. David Fizdale on why LeBron's former coach is one of the league's best. He's shown the ability to adapt as well as any coach in the NBA when it comes to his rosters. And regardless of if you have a star or not, has a star. He finds a way to maximize what he does. And you know, I just think that The cool part for me is, you know, selfishly, my friend, obviously and my brother, So the cool part for me is to see that he's finally really getting You know the credit that he deserves of what he's done considerably. Throughout the, uh, his career, and so I'm just really happy to see what's going on. I don't think he's done yet. I got a feeling he's gonna figure out a way to make electric miserable One more time had the former Heat assistant on Freddy and Fitz Simmons any time in the NFL. The Jets announcing that all players and coaches have tested negative for covert 19 news comes after players and coaches were sent home from their training facility after a player received a Presumptive positive Corona virus result The Jets play the Cornell's on Sunday Titans and Patriots. No new positive test. The Pats air set to play the Broncos at five Eastern on Monday. Forfeit this game..

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