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And and we saw the the benefit of that with the targets and the receptions and now the james white injury he just might be the one that gets the best production as a result of wiping up. Sammy watkins hunter renfro. These guys were getting a decent amount of involvement. Is there a decent amount of interest in them. And did you mentioned. Jacoby myers by the way i just said. I'm sorry okay. How renaissance would be the next guy. I think you know you look at this receiving core. I don't remember what show. I said it on but i on paper. They fit every description. Waller the number one guy. Whatever you want to designate them renfro. The possession guy runs deep threat edwards. The guy they hope they can do it all but more of a traditional number two guy that doesn't necessarily targets but mixed plays when he gets his starts and Renfro just been steady eddie. You know he's he's like a poor man's beasley. He gets the job done when the ball thrown them. Touchdowns are gonna be hard to come by. I think but you need a safe. You know week of pr option. He should he should be rostered close to the percent. I think Yeah he's pretty available hunter. Renfro is nineteen percent roster is five or more catches in all three games. And if you were going to take a shot on a first round rookie just to stash. Could area's tony rashad. Bateman also bateman. Just because i think lamar sewing a well. I think that the ravens have a plan on getting him involved in the offense. I think he's a good type of rangy outside. Receiver might take them a little while. Actually get into the swing of things in that offense into certainly get the type of target volume that we would like. But he's one of several receivers. That i would be interested in putting on my stash lists and he might be at the top of the list. Okay yeah. I guess. I made the case for tony is is the injuries you know if they're going to be so beat up You know i you saw with colin johnson. Did you saw what. Cj boarded the one catch They gotta get tony going. You know so. I i would your bank on those guys being out in days not a hundred percent either. So you know if you're looking at it the the target potential. I think would probably favor tony. Just looking at the offense plays because markey's brown and mark andrews and what they've done with sammy watkins like i don't know where will fit in right away just based on how much they're gonna throw the ball a little they throw the ball and what those other guys had done. Titans who your top three tight ends is my favorite tight end. I like the east got six catches in two or three games. I like that. He's playing right around seventy percent of the snaps. We mentioned it. Earlier too tight. And who's got a chance to score touchdown and a high scoring passing type of offense. So i'm i'm a big fan of his cotton would be my second favorite guy. I i feel a little icky that. I'm chasing the points after week three but i know that he's been playing a lot in the offense and i think he'll have some good weeks. Moving forward dawson..

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