ROY, Doug Jones, Elaine Williams discussed on NBC Meet the Press


Once since 1968 and what i found was widespread discomfort among voters in this conservative state faced with choosing between a democrat and a republican accused of molesting underage girls the candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard with two days to go in alabama politics is the only story get out and vote for roy more sixty miles from where president trump campaign for more and more on friday night voters across the state line in mobile are getting used to being the center of attention i had never seen one yard signs for democrat in my life as in coastal albion there are a lot of doug jones signs around fair hope they're probably plenty of people went for more and more but they just don't wanna put aside in their yard and a fundraiser for the mobile bay watershed on friday night i talk to some of the suburban women jones hopes to win over the multiple allegations against more of sexual misconduct with teenage girls art sitting well i mean this a terrible campaign strategist dean young defends more you get more did know some of the accuser at least he said that it first and now claims he didn't know any of the accusers dutchborn those people all over this country and all over alabama we ask about it you know this person cleaner those people that well again everybody i've date while we know this judge more you remember but he did not know many alabama voters still don't know what to make of the allegations i need some kind of proof of that in word of mouth that happen elaine williams as a classa welder at the hostel shipyard which employs four thousand workers building combat ships for the us navy they say the same thing about trump he's still may awful for a lot of people you know that's a private matter that they they just don't talk about it at went seoul's always star house on dolphin street foister scum fried student new and mobile is the kind of place with moderate and african american voters were democrat doug jones needs to over perform does does.

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