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All right does eighteen minutes after the hour you locked into the land is to do like so you can leverage you can bet your bottom dollar macau russell david today are we to be the craig studio y'all been playing all right three three it's okay i suffer for a while all right so we miss the brian unger baas eric opoku we got wasn't craig joining us today and of course he got dylan on one and two and your phone calls on the dan momentum and phone lines eight six six five five one nine nine thirty three often you get up to my phone first phone call my dear friend my brother from another mother i love me out in huntsville what is going on robert hey how are you my man doing man let me tell you i really love where you're going to show different interviews every saturday evening it's very refreshing excuse me and most enjoyable now i'm quite sure you guys are really familiar with past the mock burns and if you are just say so and move on if you're not i would like to now i don't i don't understand how he's going to challenge that district the fourth district replaced trey goudy i don't know where he's coming from with his platform excuse me he has polish step since his last little force fight on msnbc last year joy reid and what he has to say excuse me is strong it's like your co host said it seems more like a democratic platform republicans and that that kind of bothers me about ten days ago you know i i'm up at five in the morning c span reached into the fourth district of south carolina and talked with a couple of people who were supporting cast barnes and i don't i don't wanna i don't want this thing to be you know they have this thing is south carolina all the money you come back is yours if you lose you do not you don't have to give what you cut elected to the the the state republican party you have to do is just can continue to declare yourself or candidates going forward and you.

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