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Spoil game. He's got twelve points. This contest asked pardon is the first attempt to a ten point lead. And he's got it halfway there as he hits his thirteen point of the ball game. The average is sixteen point six of the season looking for his fourteen point of the night to make it a ten point lead. And he rendered short and Marie comes off to Justice Smith, the rob Dennis see across the timeline gives out to Justin top of the key. He looks right. Then goes left. Al Durham, drives it down the way it outside the fantasy fantasy works on Turner, drives it back out to the top gives it right to Justice rep Smith goes to Durham the right wing. He drives the baseline throws it up. Shot there by Al girl. Foul. Call whistle gets the Wildcats. And the man nailed on its Ryan or his shock is on the right wing. A little jab step to the left like he's ball screen. And then he took the defender right to the right baseline and hung in the air took the contact and finished right over the ramp. Beautiful move by outdoor Europe to the stripe. Fires it up. Got. It got his part of the dike. Within six closest they've been in a while. Here's law across the timeline. Quickly law side, drives it to the Whiteside law on the dribble against Romeo sports. It over to riot tater for three Hebrew ribs. It now go to Destin Smith's got the rebound just against the feticide down, a Florida Romeo inside a Joon. Pardon down low vaccine. Now throws it outside or rob venison venison to the way. He drives down the lane. He throws it up there. It's blocked away out of bats. But Indiana will have over thirteen Shacklock. I like it you see an Indiana team here. That's got Al Dermot tacking, the ram, rob, Tennessee attack the rim. Multiple guys. Here are being very aggressive. It's making these Indiana offense, much more difficult to guard when these guys are stepping up making plays and bowed cops to John to Romeo. Langford drives Danes in Spain. Away shot, and he's fouled back. Be. Gets his point of the ball game. You'll have a chance at a three point had he can make this a three point ball games. Did a great job took away the right hand defense is coming back from the left Rubio spun right into it down. But I was able to rise up. Take the contact and finish. High off the glass is sixteen foot Bank shot a really nice play by Romeo Langford. We'll try to bake the free toss here, and he fires a dart and my boy overnight and suddenly Indiana's within three. And now the heat. Here's Vic long talked a fouls on his back in download apart. Pardon looks inside against Joon. Pardon works throws up a little hook and there. Derek pardoned gets his point of view. I didn't make Archie happy. They're fifty eight fifty three back to a five point lead. Here's Langford gets back out to Joa down logo to Justin. Justin into the lane. Works works. Fires blocked away. And Audubon, Indiana. Man stepped out about. Cruiser unhappy about the lack of a call one of the assistants ragged on Lamont Simpson. But having none of it and Indiana will have it underneath the basket. Fourteen shock Clark. Fitoussi looks. Lobs it end Justice rapidly, slam dunk to go down a drive the other way, Ganesha's fouled that he could make the shot. That's the good news. So he'll go to the line. How turn arou- Durham, I think Foulden. Anthill two shots will coming to dance. And the game was there for the law out of bounds underneath Justin hat pass. Maybe just a little bit. I was not able to finish that dog which led out to easy fastbreak for northwestern. Nice foul by well gains will try to increase that lead back up the seven if he can make a mole. Fifty eight fifty three right now. This one's going camping a game six point of the ball game. Fifty nine fifty three six zero five to go. But Indiana's back in it. But they got to continue to make shots at the other end and get stops end. The. At the embassy northwestern occupies which gained just down the second free talk show back up to a seven point northwestern, Indiana. Then three then they get their again. Borden Gibbs outside the Justin Smith, he finds Romeo on the white wine Lankford out the feticide Tennessee circles to the left turns out throws it out to Justin Smith. He drives down right throws up. Shop the glass won't go and the rebound Derek pardon for northwestern. Back up the floor. Now, Anthony gaze. It turns things down slows up a little bit. Doug her Chris cows, this not what to just push the ball. They're trying to take time off the clock years law to drive and inside a foul is going to be called against Indiana. And that's one of the goal. Yes. Romeo Lankford by law. They're against the pressure. Sometimes the best thing you can do. To relieve that pressure is be really aggressive and try to attack the rim. Pick law was feeling that pressure from Romeo Lankford rather than try to pass. He took the ball. Put a shoulder down right in the Romeo's chess, drew the foul. So law goes.

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