Blackhawks, Columbus, Artem Anisimov discussed on Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth


Hope is that unit can find some more traction like the power play did not getting greedy. Like the power play did Billy's more consistency on the kill. And Troy you do not have to look very far in this building tonight to find an example, Columbus has the number to kill in the league and get this debut largest one power play goal in forty two chances over the last eighteen games. Jeremy Calton when asked about it today says he really Myers how aggressive they are. And how they all stay together moving together. Hard to explain why they are such a good penalty killing team. You know, goaltending has to be good because you're gonna get chances. But I'll tell you what we've seen before. And they do play a very aggressive system on the on the penalty kill side of they'll chase you down ice. They don't stop there relentless they're not going to give you an opportunity to set up. The one thing is if you move the puck, and you have to move the you can't sit still with the heart because they attack they attack and four man unit. One guy moves four guys moved. They might have to be kind of almost a desperation mode when they get into the offense is because it's gonna get collapsed and shut down right away get in. And then throw it finally if you have t to the far side of the ice and make sure that somebody from your team is there and what happens is Columbus. They claps all four guys into one pot and and just smother you on the penalty if you move the puck around quickly, if you move your feet, you're gonna generate some opportunities and a lot of teams haven't figured that out until maybe it's too late. The other thing is is this team doesn't take a lot of penalties. So on the fewest penalize teams least penalized teams in the NHL as far as miners for the Blackhawks. So if they do get one or two opportunities you have to be ready right off of that. And we have seen the Blackhawks taking a little bit more lately. Four or five per game. I'm sure that's that's not where the Blackhawks up with the penalty kill being aware. It is. I mean, you you gotta be really disciplined when you're killing is not working and has north face it, they all season long. They're still trying to do some things a little bit differently each and every time I think they're they're killing better. But they're not getting results until you get those results. It doesn't really matter. What you're doing? All right. The biggest question who's going to deliver tonight? I gotta go cater and this one. If you look at his numbers, obviously, he's got a sixteen game point streak. He's got thirty five points, but he has lit up the farmers blue jackets over his career. He's got fifty one points in forty three career games against the Columbus, blue jackets and earlier this season. He had a three point nine two goals without a goal. Of course, the the captain's also had a good run against Columbus back when they were division rivals too. But I'm gonna go tonight with our ten Artem Anisimov got back on the scoring sheet with a couple of points the other night, including his first goal in a long time eight career games against one of his former teams he has three goals and seven points. Who's going to deliver is sponsored by jets pizza better. Because.

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