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Lynnwood has gone full q. On i thought he would focus on before on twitter but he has gone true full q. And on slash pizza gate at this point on twitter and beyond the other over the weekend over the break. He tweeted that pence is going to face the firing squad execution by firing squad. Which could get you investigated or have the fbi. Knock at your door if you're anybody else but that was do it. Where did he writes on twitter. That's ridiculous wrote on twitter and remains on twitter. And just today. Here's some of his tweets today and yesterday. He says that he believes chief. Justice john roberts multitude of powerful individuals worldwide or being blackmailed in a horrendous scheme involving rape and murder of children captured on videotape. And he says he has the key to the files containing the videos and he also he shared this information and then he connects it back to a blackmail scheme conducted by members of the world's most well known elite intelligence agencies a group known as the lizard squad and the blackmail files and rape and murder files were obtained by this group and the copy was provided it was provided end by isaac cap. Who is the actor who died after he pushed himself. They say he committed suicide bridge shortly before he committed suicide. Is it cappy. Was all over instagram. Talking about pizza gate pedophile conspiracy. Theories like those related conspiracies and this stuff is still on twitter. Lynnwood has been allowed. Despite the fact that twitter a few months ago came out and specifically said they will be removing all on related content and not allowing now. I'm not saying he should be removed from twitter. I just find bizarre that his stuff is still there. Meanwhile that very same subject over the weekend. Yesterday we had a video that we post on december twenty twentieth of two thousand and sixteen. Wsb show where we talked about pizza gate and we didn't support pizza gate. The theme was the pizza guy was aside up that was covering up actual crimes by tainting the source so that gets removed from youtube on yet. All this lynnwood stuff about the same subject is allowed to be there. And he's now being held up as the model for the crazy and saint trump supporter. We know a friend of ours and fans of the show will know was removed from twitter for saying something in jest or clear hyperbole in the same vein as what lynnwood said taken down. When i heard that thing about john roberts i and the whole thing has gone to where it's now like christian symbolism which i think is starting to make it look like radical islamic stuff and that that way they get to be antisemitic anti islamic same time. I think that's gonna be a part of the future of the queue. Sigh up to go back and look at lynn woods tweets from the past because when he was defending the maga- kids. I don't remember any of that stuff..

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