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Five yeah I was gonna say that's something some crazy Amazon based on a map all rights of twenty five decades because he's having fever of course well me my dad and my friend net it is yeah we went to a Cleveland for my first and we'll be all star game your game what did that man which one was the lesson was I got to see John chat in the black cards are before until I at the all star game yeah yeah she's a Cleveland girl yeah I forgot about that rock and roll hall of fame there yeah she wrapped it she did she yeah nice fireworks Edwards what a great from the alley did you shred it yes she did awesome you go that way you know you're getting to the fire for me was that what it was well Dave shredding is what you do on a guitar okay as one lets you in on a conversation I appreciate that so Nick tell people what is that thing so great well why is it important by doc well it is it's a large part of a special live show no way and it gets a big deal that just you and all the other athletes too yeah it's all the athletes you got a lot of friends involved with this right yeah notice out a couple he'll always said to my dad he's having a procedure today someone wishing good luck well it's good it are we okay mom is that right okay he's gonna procedural procedures you know when you have use word procedure you know we had good luck I think is appropriate to the black death this is usually around yeah is he will be back in a golf course with you soon yes soon all right good good good good now if you had somebody special rack trying to program I know they're listening okay only had to my classmates from my hometown no I haven't seen in about six months or so you married now now not yet still looking yeah well no I've never been in love LL you know about hello yes so we're ready now I will go down and you know you're very baby thanks to a lady of listen to what she has to say right that's the role yeah well her sister just got engaged so we're going to the wedding wow big step okay what Nick against in contact over this one now right yeah start up a lot of ducks to does she how many she's old who would what do you think I was up to like save me twenty four or twenty five probably twenty four hundred they compete so that's a good competition a healthy competition all right to get yourself a quack pack itself a flock I really say that don't know Blake actually you you have never seen it that I can think you've said quack back yes but a flock of lawyers different pictures investment here get self reflective of flies are struggling to to flex Lester we should go three four okay David yes I just let our G. give criminals in from the black market yes car hi this is a yeah he's been Connell he was at the Indy five hundred a day so this was a Chicago land speed way well every year do you deliver a tract party outside the of the track okay so I was right one of the the country watching us change and Jim confusion was sitting right by JJ in there he was a very nice guy he's a great guy yelling she hired hand to you and your son webcomic you have a good voice can you sing but you sing for fun help yeah yeah I help you what kind of music do ya could you western rock you name it like what's your favorite song you have one only by zero ten reckon role or you know this figure about single time market role makes white people dance at a wedding I don't know if you know that get out the slowly get up in arms there's a band gets could be at the duck face seven have been okay so I I do go I get I get to go backstage you need anybody and that's cool your rock star you are unbelievable all right so five by four flocks can I get a hundred Bucks for hundred is that a hundred Bucks yeah one of five so it'd be yeah your granddaughter Abigail I know she's I know she's listening yes that's right you give so much present for and she can do little brother on the way so all the all world plenty people by ducks for only six resolution to Abigail and her date of birth come in tele check you guys listen to her chill yeah and her mom and dad everybody was great to see you buddy could that she wolf yes thanks for your the best so I'm getting a function for phlox everybody step up at least get a quack pack in a couple of blocks I'm going to go I'm going to ease my way in with a couple of quite did you go to quite packs and maybe that you always see how it goes from there yeah I was very very all very well to I know she's listening amber of course you know she's a boss now I just saw her in the hallway yes he's a Boston she's big shot yeah she's allegedly in charge of the show now do you think I should listen to her of course the intro is that right but if Nick tells you to listen to or I'll listen to you on a list of all is in an economic analysis ever going to it's great sea of bodies wins the event again August eighth at one o'clock our fax all right one o'clock in where do we dump the ducks I Wabash bridge how do they do have a role the truck up in government yeah well they used to efforts have a lever that that gets ready for the truck that dumps the dancing to the river tremendous all right and again a website to buy the ducks hi doctor we dot com and how we make sure you get credit for this he did you go on to my name is our team name on what's out there on deck links the drawing ducklings right Darling ducklings number one and Nick is number one and yeah I'd like to spread the love here with your girlfriend but I don't know that I can get off your team there are more writerly die needlessly your support I'm not for you yeah I'm saying I just want your girlfriend to be mad because I'm giving you all the support is great to both you thank you for all the work you do every day and everybody at the Special Olympics of Illinois and by the way for the general website there what is it SO Y. L. L. dot org that's two else yes soil with an L. S. O. I. L. L. for that dot org Chicago Ducky derby dot com next team is Darling ducklings and we can come out supporters was pretty cool but the way we could see it happen ducks in the river it's a fun event we look forward to it every year all right next I see a body does he just gave RB well nine eighteen save save the molar testimonies getting back under way on Capitol Hill before the house Judiciary Committee we will have an update on the.

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