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Ahead on double TOP the Senate most closer to passing gun control legislation at 7 21. An orthopedic surgeon makes understanding pain, painless. It's the biggest frustration that patients have. This is doctor Pamela Mehta, talking about aches with unexpected origins. I see patients with pain in their knees, their hips, their back, oftentimes the pain is actually coming from their feet. Bet they aren't expecting to hear that. Those patients are super surprised. They can't believe that the pain in their knee isn't coming from actually inside the knee. But if you think about it, the feet are the base to your whole body. That's why she suggests personally fit arch supports, emphasis on the personal fit. If you get something basing it just on your shoe size it isn't going to fit you properly. And if it doesn't fit well, it probably won't work well. Go get our supports fitted to you. And it says easy as going into a good fit store. The good feet store has 7 locations in greater D.C. and Baltimore. Visit good feet dot com for the location nearest you. I'm Jonathan cotton and we look forward to seeing you soon at the good feet store. My shoulder is completely fixed. I feel as though I have a new shoulder. I went to GW hospital to get my operation for my rotator cuff tear. They made me feel quite safe. Even during the pandemic, they referred me to get the minimal invasive surgery. And it was excellent. Now, I got into abstract art because of my wife. I'm deeply grateful to GW hospital to the staff and everyone there. Physicians are not agents for employees at this hospital. ET, the extraterrestrial arrives at the Kennedy Center in time for its 40th anniversary. The national symphony orchestra performs the Academy Award winning score live as the film plays on the big screen, relive this timeless classic and its beloved music part of John Williams at 90, the official birthday celebration for the legendary composer, ET the extraterrestrial in concert, led by Steve reineke, June 22nd in the concert hall. Tickets at national symphony dot org. You're listening to WTO pneumo. 7 23, a bipartisan group of lawmakers has released new legislation on gun reform, setting the stage for the Senate to vote on passage of the bill. Three of the big provisions that were part of the talks enhanced background checks for those under 21, expanded red flag laws through which courts can order guns seized from people deemed dangerous. And closing the boyfriend loophole. It's been a point of contention, prohibiting partners who have committed domestic violence, but live outside the victim's home from buying a gun. CBS is Scott McFarland, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell calls this a common sense package and pledged his support. The legislation will need at least ten Republicans to pass in the Senate. A 14 year old boy was shot in prince George's county while leaving a laundromat with his mother. Prince George's county police say this happened about 6 30 last night in the east Riverdale area, officials say two suspects fired 30 rounds. We believe

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