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The general feeling that you take everything is able to just talk about COVID there They're not really on top of it they're always behind the curve and then the change this one thing one day and the next day has changed slightly the vaccine passports before against for a difficult So all of our children say yes but you know we will wait and see what happens on Thursday Certainly as I see we shouldn't be hopeful in because the amount of conservative majority but the reaction we are getting on the ground is very very strong Very strong Actually that's interesting And just briefly can we afford to re instigate the furlough program Do you think more bit more support should be put in place for business Absolutely Business think business is facing a stimulus situation The hospitality businesses are the ones who are first in line if you like because of the number of Christmas parties that have been canceled out of the blue But the other first important supplies evolved in turkey for the long run And major restaurants in London are talking about 50% cancellations already So business being support but not just hospitality It has to go away So that was Christine jardine the Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh west and talking of course about north shropshire the little Democrats are looking serious content perhaps for that by election seat We'll have much more British politics today on Bloomberg Westminster I'll be speaking to Anne Marie Morris who's a conservative MP for Newton abbot get the deal from her in terms of what happened in those parliamentary lobbies It was a very exciting evening yesterday catch it live 12 new today download the podcast from Apple music later Okay an intriguing time in UK politics for the latest in global.

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