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Of the audio when you listen to the parts? You heard how many times did you hear Mr. Trump your former boss how many times did you hear use the. N. word multiple times and It was three minutes And was upsetting About someone that was on the cast with me, about Kwami Jackson who was the African American contestant male contestants about the first season of. The apprentice morose and by the way Kwami Jackson's response to it is I I want nothing. To do with Omarosa or anything she has to offer Stay? Far away from. Her, as possible so that out there now is there tape I don't know And it's funny because it look before the election there was rumor that that was going to, drop that there? Was the tape And then it kind of died down. Tom Arnold's been screaming about, it for a while pendulum came out and said look you know what I was on the show it was, a good experience but there was about fifteen. Minutes every two hours were, the cameras weren't on and it was uncomfortable at. Time and there, was some stuff that was used it. Made me feel uncomfortable and that's kinda where he left, that little vague. But you know I don't know if there is risen if there is going to be something that comes. Out we'll find out but for the last they. Already know that he is the person that they think he is doesn't matter Even if I'm Rodas lying in their minds. It's all real on the, right for a lot of people especially people who. Are who are, supporters of Trump this doesn't change anything. Wow we've all used they're trying to figure out a, way to spend. It said well we've all done it or this that and the other and and you know. For me It's awful if there is something but I haven't. Seen, or heard anything, and that's Proof right isn't that what life is about? It's, about the proof of it not just your opinion of. How you feel about. Well I know they've done it. At some point in time I know they're guilty I know you don't, know anything You don't know anything. Well he says these things it's dog whistles assist. At the other look there's. A lot of things about Trump that I do not like and I said this over and over again I will continue. To do, so, when. He, does something good I will, pointed. Out when he does something bad? I will point it out I, did vote for Trump voted for casick my guy? Lost, for the people on the left there guy lost or. Gal excuse me God. Sorry sorry progressive God didn't wanna Upset anybody It is what it is. Right But, I sit back here. And say one thing's for sure. This is the pilot we. Have you may not like. Him this is what we've got Right I'm not always thrilled with the things he. Does I can be honest about. That other people. Won't they'll continue to do all they possibly can to prop. Up I had somebody text me yesterday and, said what are you? Doing you're not doing what you need to do as a talk show host to support the president I'm like that's not my job Yes it, is no it's not I, don't work. For, the president I'm here to give you my opinions on things based on the, data I've seen in the facts the facts are there is no tape and for some of you out there according to our Twitter poll would make a, difference if there was a day Our question day simple do you believe that Trump used the n. word does it, change your view of him thirty seven percents I guess I do twenty nine percent say no I do not thirty three percents that maybe didn't so what Take the poll at Chadbensonshow you can text us. As well But I'm a fax person I want the data and I wanna facts and. I want to look at things Everybody else They don't care because they can make up their mind and they come to a situation with their opinion already formulated so anything you present them where, they're, gonna PU Three two three five three eight twenty. Four twenty three at Chad Benson show Twitter yesterday Maryland football The Terrapins did something Very few Companies right institutions would ever do even before all the facts have. Come out, you see they had a football player by the name of. Jordan McNair Jordan mcnair On may twenty ninth arrived at four fifteen pm to start workouts with. The team he worked out for fifteen to twenty minutes of dynamic. Worked out then he did a conditioning test of ten hundred ten yards spreads. After conditioning the training staff notice McNair was having some difficulty recovering upon completion of. The test They took him inside the football team house..

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