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And alexander and mr and mrs smith itself was kinda mix reaction beal wolf salt i mean none of them were huge successes for me personally wanted would be about the only thing to highlight on that list of mediocrity honor resume i love wanted but i feel she is very much in a supporting role she's almost halfway above a cameo sure i've seen things that i thought were fine that she was in but again a movie where she sees that and made it her own and i tend to see the more of the drama work that she did and that just it isn't that impressive i know that she's really moved into a role of un ambassador and tried to really work as a director now telling dramatic stories of human courage i just there's something about her that feels false like i feel like everything she's doing is trying to get back at her republican father by putting out these ultraliberal movies that does anyone really want to see i felt the on borders because a friend of mine was in it but i wouldn't have otherwise i love the theory that her whole career is just the big f you to jon voight i feel like it might like everything the drinking the blood of having sex with his brother that escalated quickly did need i thought the head out all agreed that there's something about her she's a hollywood child i mean she was a pre car dash ian yes tabloid star famous for being famous yes but she actually did stuff unlike the kardashians and paris hilton things and i wanna give her credit anyone that tries to be a humanitarian she's done some good undoubtably she has done good.

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